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31 Weeks!

Written By: Colleen - Apr• 15•14

Jay and I had Baby G’s 31 week check-up on Thursday, April 10. We got a lot of info, probably the most info we’ll get until he is born thanks to the surprise ultrasound we had. Back during my 20 week appointment, the ultrasound tech discovered that I had a marginal placenta previa, which basically means that the placenta was just touching the opening of my cervix. Marginal previas tend to correct themselves as your uterus expands, so I wasn’t put on any kind of restricted activity. I was merely told to watch to see if I had any bleeding and they’d follow up with it around 32 weeks. My appointments got pushed back a week at some point, so instead of having them at weeks 28, 30, 32, 34, etc., they are on weeks 29, 31, 33, etc. Since no one told us at the 29 week appointment that we’d be having an ultrasound at 31 weeks, we figured it would be at 33 weeks. To our surprise, they asked us if we wanted it last week or if we wanted to wait until the next appointment. We jumped at the chance to see our son again.

Like most people, I’m pretty sure that Baby G already prefers Jay over me, haha. For example, he had his hand over his face during the ultrasound. The technician told us to shake my belly a little bit to try to get him to move his hand. I put my hand where the bottom half of his body was and Jay put his hand near the top half, by where she was holding the ultrasound wand. He did a little nudging and urged him to move his hand. He didn’t move his hand, but he did move his body directly towards where Jay’s hand was. The tech had to adjust her position on my belly because of it! He’ll also move for his daddy whenever Jay puts his hands on my stomach when we’re chilling at home. It’s so adorable.

Speaking of Baby G having his hand up over his face, I noticed a pattern while looking at all of the ultrasound pictures we have of him. I made a little collage:


He must really like straight chilling in that position. If he does it after he is born, expect an updated collage with a fourth picture, haha. I think that is so neat that even in the womb, we each tend to develop our own little habits. How cool is that?!

Finally, big, big thanks to my friend Sue for sending me some of her maternity clothes! Sue was an adorable preggo last year and I’m so excited that she sent me some of her adorable preggo clothing. I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, shopping for maternity clothing sucks and I can’t express enough how amazing it was to have all this cute clothing that magically fits me appear at my doorstep yesterday, haha. I’m wearing a combination of maternity and regular clothes. I bought pants from Target, H&M, Old Navy, & Kohl’s. Maternity clothes can get expensive, though, so for everything else, I’ve been hitting up consignment stores and wearing looser shirts that I already owned. I found this awesome store called Kid to Kid, which sells both lightly worn second hand clothing and off-price clothing (same as TJ Maxx or Marshall’s) from name brands for super cheap. They buy back the second hand clothing, so unlike going to Goodwill, everything is in great condition and you can’t tell it’s been previously worn.  As for my own non-maternity clothing, I’ve always been a fan of the empire waist style for shirts and dresses, so those are coming in very handy for me now.

Anyway, the rest is condensed below in bullet points and then there’s a couple bump pictures.  I can’t believe we are almost done with 7 months. On Saturday, we’ll have only eight more weeks until my due date. AAAAHHHHH WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY IN 6-10 WEEKS!!


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Nursery, Phase 1: Painted

Written By: Colleen - Apr• 08•14

This past weekend was Jay & Jack’s 8th annual charity podcast. This year, they podcasted for 13 hours to raise money for Autism Speaks. The total raised so far was $3,000. Here is the information on how to donate. Donations are being taken for the next several weeks. I am going to post about that this week, but am waiting to see if anyone who was here can send me some of their pictures.

In other news, Baby G’s nursery has been painted! I said I’d post some pictures of the before & after, so here they are. We chose a lighter blue for three walls and a brighter blue for an accent wall. Big, big,  BIG thanks to Jack for coming over to help paint. They did a great job. They painted all day last Wednesday (April 2) and Jay worked really hard to finish up the edges and the touch-ups on Thursday and Friday. I need to give Jay HUGE props for working so hard on everything he has done to help get us set for our son. He has done a better than amazing job and I am so lucky to have him as my partner and best friend.

On Saturday, we cleaned everything up in there and put up the window valances that Jay’s parents got for us off of our registry. We went with the “Rockstar Monkey” theme because it’s a monkey playing a guitar just like Jay plays guitar.  I will still post the registry links, but we are registered at Babies R Us and Amazon. Now that we have it painted, phase 2 will be actually getting furniture in there. I’ll definitely be taking pictures of that process, too. Anyway, without further ado, here’s Baby G’s nursery, from start to finish. There’s a lot of pictures, hope that’s okay!

Here’s the before:


The rest of the pictures are after the jump. Excited to share them!


Jay & Jack’s 2014 Autism Speaks Podcast Info

Written By: Colleen - Apr• 05•14

Here is the schedule for 2014 Autism Speaks Podcast on Saturday, April 5.  It begins at 2 p.m. ET and ends at 3 a.m. ET on April 6.  Here’s a website to convert each time to your own time zone.

  • 2 p.m.: Jimmy Aquino
  • 3 p.m.: Clif “The Hybrid” Armstrong
  • 4 p.m.: Ralph Apel
  • 5 p.m.: Kris White
  • 6 p.m.: Alirio & Nick
  • 7 p.m.: TBD
  • 8 p.m.: Rob Cesternino
  • 9 p.m.: Jo Garfein
  • 10 p.m.: Tad Stones
  • 1 a.m.: Ryan & Jen Ozawa
  • 2 a.m.: Jorge Garcia

The podcast will be broadcast on UStream at this link:

Donation information:

1.  PayPal. The email address to donate is If you are going to donate, please select the option “I’m sending money to family or friends” when filling it out on PayPal’s site. It’s free to send money this way for both parties if you have a PayPal account. This is what it’ll look like:


2. By check, which you can make out to AUTISM SPEAKS and mail to:

Raleigh IcePlex
c/o Jay and Jack
2601 North Raleigh Blvd.
Raleigh, NC 27604

Please email Colleen at with any questions at all!

Tips from a Pure Barre 100 Club Member

Written By: Colleen - Apr• 03•14


Well, I made it to 100 Pure Barre classes and got my coveted “100 Club” socks.  Woo-hoo!  I actually made it in back on October 9, but like most things lately, I’m super behind on posting about it.  I am pretty proud of myself for sticking with it for so long and have a goal to be in the 200 Club by next February. I’m already almost halfway there, but I know when the baby gets here, I won’t have as much time to go for a while. So, gotta get as many as I can in before June and then take advantage of those lunchtime classes in the fall & winter.

I have come a really long way since my first few Pure Barre classes and I wanted to share some of the tips I’ve picked up. I was really bad when I first started taking classes. Like, being corrected 20 times a class bad, haha. But, after a while, something clicked and I began to get the hang of it. I’m by no means a Pure Barre expert, but I thought maybe I could share some advice. If you’re just starting to take Pure Barre classes, I say don’t give up! Every instructor is different, so every class is different. If you’re considering taking classes, then I recommend taking Tylonel or Advil before you go to bed on the night after your first class, because trust me, you’re gonna need it. Anyway, I’m not an instructor, so please keep that in mind if you read on. These are just some tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the course of my 100+ classes. If you have any questions on form, the best thing to do is ask your instructor. Happy LTB’ing!

1.  About Tucking – I’ve seen a fair amount of newbies slip in undetected by the instructor and then go through class really confused about what it means to “tuck.” The best way to describe tucking, as crude as it is, is that it’s like making a little humping motion with your pelvis area to get into the position of “tucking your hips under.”

2.  Don’t compare yourself to fellow classmates - Everyone is at a different level.  Who cares if the girl next to you can lift her leg up higher?  It’s about length, not height.  Seriously.  We all are spastic when attempting to do certain moves.  Worry only about yourself and you’ll get a much better burn.

3.  During slower ab sprints, the “C” curve is your friend – If you’re like me and not very flexible, make sure you’ve got a really strong “C” curve in your back during the slower (first part) of ab sprints.  It’ll help you left your leg up higher.

4.  Let the instructor help you – Don’t get embarrassed if you’re being constantly corrected during class. I used to get corrected what felt like 100 times a class and be so embarrassed about it. Now, I thank the instructor and consciously focus on correcting myself and making sure it doesn’t happen again. Take advantage of the mirrors to check your form.

5.  Small movements – Smaller is better; you don’t have to exaggerate your movements to prove to the instructor that you’re doing them. They’re supposed to be isometric and she’s trained to look for them. If you’re going big, you’re probably doing it wrong.

6.  Listen to your body - If you have to rest, rest. If you have to come down on your knees while doing a plank or push-ups, there is no shame in that.

7.  Go for the Final 10 - You can do anything for ten seconds! Make those last ten count. Honestly, if I’m dying and know when the instructor says “final 30 seconds” that I can’t hold the position for 30 more seconds, I get through 10 seconds, rest for 5 seconds, then get back up and make sure that I do that final 10. For me, it feels better to be able to do those last 10 vs. burning out and stopping with 15 seconds to go.

8.  Let the rhythm be your guide -  It’s a lot easier to count if you use the beat of the music as a guide.  The sprints will also go by a lot quicker if you enjoy the music.

9. Take the Pure Barre 101 class – I took it a few months ago and learned a lot, even though I wasn’t a Pure Barre newbie. It cemented a lot of form-related things for me. For instance, if you start off with your feet in parallel, you’ll most likely be moving your leg straight back. If you start with your heels together and toes apart, you’ll most likely be angling your leg out behind you to the side.

10. Leave your cell phones at the door - I’m totally guilty of not being able to fully unplug or focus on just one thing; I once studied for a test during a 6 a.m. Pilates class (yeah, I know…). But, I made a pact with myself to never bring my iPhone into Pure Barre class with me. Classes are intimate, intense and hell yeah, they’re freaking expensive. Get the most of your time and money. Eliminate potential distractions like your phone. Of course, there will be times when real life things make it hard to concentrate, but try to clear your mind and listen to the cues that the instructor gives, check your form in the mirror, close your eyes, and focus on doing each exercise to the fullest. If your mind wandered briefly and you did miss a cue, you can always refer to the form of another instructor who is taking the class. I don’t know about every Pure Barre studio, but I’d say 8 out of 10 classes I go to will have another instructor taking a class and I’ve been guilty of peeking at their form in the mirror before to make sure I’m in the correct position.

*Bonus Tip* – Don’t forget to have fun!

29 Weeks!

Written By: Colleen - Apr• 02•14

[Note: I wrote this blog entry on March 29 & 30 when I was 29 weeks, but I suck lately at timely blogging and didn't go back to put the pictures in to finish the post until this morning (April 2). Everything still describes 29 weeks, even though I'm now technically closer to 30 weeks. Oops.]

The third trimester arrived last week and boy, did it announce itself in a big way, haha. I’m feeling much better now, but in between weeks 27 & 29, I thought we were regressing to the first trimester all over again. Up until a few days ago, I was beyond exhausted, feeling queasy at night, my face broke out, and I was super cranky. I’ve also been having waves of anxiety at all hours of the day and night, regardless of what I am doing or thinking about. Hormones, man. I could suddenly feel them crashing over me, making me feel greasy and giving me uncontrollable bouts of sleeplessness and anxiety. They also gave me a weird super energy last Saturday, when I walked for 3 full hours at a pace I haven’t been able to get up to in months – and still felt great afterwards. The anxiety is the worst, though. I could be sitting on the couch watching TV with a completely clear mind and no current worries and it’ll just creep up. I was wide wake from 4 a.m. onward last Sunday morning and since I haven’t had this issue since August, I’d completely forgot my old tricks to control it and make it go away. It’s the only symptom I’m still powerless over.

But enough about that because no one wants to hear me complain when I really don’t have a lot to complain about! This is about updates, which I’ll try to do more frequently now that things have actually started happening. This past Saturday night, Baby G figured out how to flip over and for the evening, he was facing outwards instead of in towards my spine like he usually is. It’s the first and only time that I’ve been able to feel all four extremities poking me at once and it was weird/awesome at the same time. He was super hyper for some reason and came out swingin’ haha, though maybe he is always like that I just don’t feel it because he kicks and punches inwards. One thing of note was he kept punching this same spot in my belly button as I was trying to go to sleep. After watching my belly button pop up and down for a good 10 minutes, I am fairly positive it was a little fist and not a heel because there were times when it was strong enough that I could see the outline of it. Luckily for me, all has been “quiet” since I woke up on Sunday morning and he’s back in his “usual” position.

My favorite thing to do lately is drink a glass of cold water then lay on my back and feel him move around. I try to figure out how he is positioned and what he is doing. It’s so cool to me and it never gets old. It’s why I’ve slacked on blogging, TV, exercise, etc. lately. All I want to do with my spare time is that.


Let’s Talk About the Veronica Mars Movie

Written By: Colleen - Mar• 26•14

Well, the Veronica Mars movie finally arrived in theaters last Friday, March 14.  The husband was working late that entire weekend and we couldn’t get to the only theater showing it in our area until Tuesday, March 18, so on opening night, I decided to draw up a bath and watch my digital copy of the movie from the comfort of my own bathroom. And really, is there a better place to watch a movie than from a bath tub, lol? It probably could’ve only been made better with a glass of wine.

So, what did I think of it? I loved it. It wasn’t perfect, but it felt like the Veronica Mars we knew and loved. All of the characters – with one exception – felt like they ended up exactly as we imagined they would or wanted them to ten years post-Neptune. None of the dialogue felt out-of-character and the plot, as simple as it was, was just enough for us to dip our toes into Veronica’s world again and want to drive right back in.

veronica-mars-movie-veronica-spyingThe plot, for anyone who doesn’t know by now – because yes, like every single other freaking thing lately, I’m way behind on this post – is as follows: Veronica now lives in New York City and is prepping to take the Bar exam while interviewing for a job at a high powered law firm run by Jamie Lee Curtis. She’s still dating Piz, her partner-in-crime in her infamous end-of-Season-3 sex tape. Everything is happy and dandy in Veronica’s life until she sees a news broadcast about the murder of her old high school acquaintance Carrie Bishop (Leighton Meester in the series, but recast as some new singer chick who didn’t really impress me at all). Carrie is now a drug addicted pop singer known under the stage name “Bonnie deVille.” Turns out, after the series ended, Carrie started dating none other than Logan Echolls, Veronica’s former boyfriend/arrogant prick heartthrob and currently a reformed member of the United States Navy. Logan, after being caught arguing with Carrie on tape, is murder suspect numero uno. Despite not having seen Logan in nine years, Veronica can’t say no to him when he calls her asking for help. So, she flies back to Neptune and all of its corrupt glory to help a hottie out. And thus, the fun begins.

And it really is a lot of fun. At least, I thought it was. Keith is still fighting the good fight and his banter with Veronica felt just like going home again (“Would you say I was a good father?”). Wallace and Mac’s futures ended up exactly would I’d have expected, with Wallace as a teacher at Neptune (Veronica: “I’m hoping you can get me a student’s permanent file…” Wallace: “You do know I’m a teacher now, right?” Veronica: “So what you’re saying is it will be easier for you to get it?”) and Mac making an obscene amount of money working for – gasp – Kane Software. Madison & co. are still stuck in high school bitch mode while Dick is still, well, the same Dick we all know and loved. I think he’s toned down a lot in the movie, which makes him much more tolerable and less over-the-top than he became over the course of the series. My favorite exchange of the movie is between Dick and Veronica. I laughed out loud both times I watched it:

Veronica: “Words with Friends?”
Dick: “Some people just call it texting.”

There were some surprises that I didn’t see coming: Logan joining the Navy, for one. It still feels out of character for Logan, but hey, we all change and mature over a decade and I certainly did not end up doing what I thought I’d be doing ten years ago. The most pleasant surprise was Weevel’s future, but I’ll leave that spoiler-free.

One thing I didn’t like was the casting change of Carrie Bishop. I really wasn’t a fan of the new actress, even though we only saw her in flashback. I’m guessing there’s some behind-the-scenes reason that Leighton Meester didn’t return, but I wish she had. I’ve seen some criticism that the movie was “blah” or that it wasn’t very friendly towards Veronica newbies. I didn’t find it “blah.” The plot was simple and appropriate for anyone who hasn’t visited Neptune in seven years. If it were darker and more complicated a la Seasons 1 & 2 of the series, then critics would be complaining that it was too difficult to follow. Also, it was made on a smaller budget in less than a year. Veronica Mars, at the end of the day, was always a story about a witty, young detective fighting for justice in her corrupt town. That’s pretty much exactly what the movie was about. Was it unfriendly towards those who hadn’t seen the show? A bit, yes. But, I do have to point out a few things:

  1. The movie was financed largely by fans and made for those fans.
  2. The complete series was offered free streaming via Amazon for quite some time before the movie’s release. I believe some of it was also offered for free on iTunes beforehand as well, though I could be remembering that wrong. Regardless, if anyone wanted to see the movie, they had plenty of time to catch up with all three seasons.
  3. My husband, who has only seen Season 1 and parts of Season 2, didn’t have a problem following the plot at all. He did not get all of the references, like the sex tape, but he enjoyed the movie enough to be inspired to watch Season 2 after we saw it.

One other thing worth noting for fans – if you’ve seen the movie, are you Team Logan or Team Piz? The movie tells me I should be Team Piz, but I can’t help it. I’m Team Logan, through and through.

At the end of the day, I really enjoyed Veronica Mars. I think it was set up well for a sequel – so many things that need to be fixed. Who killed [redacted for spoiler]? Can we reverse Weevel’s fate at the end of the movie? WHAT ABOUT PIZ?! I really, really, really hope we get a sequel to address some of those loose threads. I could use a lot more of Veronica Mars in my life.

So, what did you think? Am I alone in my enjoyment of the movie or anyone out there agree with me?


That Time We Saw Billy Joel in Raleigh

Written By: Colleen - Mar• 14•14

Last month, on February 9, Jay & I saw Billy Joel when he performed at the PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC. We weren’t sure what to expect, to be honest, mainly because Billy has had some well documented “troubles” and we didn’t quite know if they would affect his performance or not. I am so happy to say that they most certainly did not because Billy sounded great, had fantastic crowd interaction, and even danced for us a little bit at the end. The night we saw him was the same night that the Beatles anniversary concert aired on PBS or whatever channel it was. Billy made that his “theme” for us, thanking the crowd for watching him perform when they could easily be at home watching the Beatles tribute and then throwing in Beatles songs throughout the night, like “Can’t Buy Me Love” (“Here’s one I didn’t write, but I wish I did,” he introduced it) and “Hard Day’s Night” in the middle of “River of Dreams.”

If you get the chance to see Billy Joel in concert, whether it’s a year from now at MSG, or if he randomly tours in your city, you definitely should. Jay, who always asked me “What’s the big deal about Billy Joel?,” has become a fan now.

If you want to brush up on your Billy Joel:


  1. Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)
  2. Pressure
  3. Sometimes a Fantasy
  4. Can’t Buy Me Love (The Beatles cover)
  5. Summer, Highland Falls
  6. Zanzibar
  7. Where’s the Orchestra?
  8. Allentown
  9. A Room of Our Own
  10. Uptown Girl (preceded by “The Night Before”… more)
  11. Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)
  12. She’s Always a Woman (preceded by “Your Song”, 1 … more)
  13. The Entertainer
  14. Don’t Ask Me Why
  15. The River of Dreams (with “A Hard Day’s Night”, … more)
  16. Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
  17. Piano Man


  1. (The Beatles cover)

Here’s “Can’t Buy Me Love”

and “Uptown Girl”


Written By: Colleen - Mar• 09•14

There’s nothing like disappearing for a month then returning to write about something that no one cares about a 4 weeks later, haha. I think the statute of limitations for writing about life events that people give a shit to read about is a week. Oh well, close your minds and pretend it’s February 9 and not March 9…

Well, I hit the big 3-0.  Full disclosure: I’d been saying I’m 30 since at least December, lol, so I guess I accepted this age milestone a while ago.  I think saying I’m 32 or 33 will be a lot more of a mind fuck for me than saying I’m 30.  Plus, I just don’t really feel like I’m 30, so why get upset over turning it?

Anyways, Jay & I went home to NY on the weekend of February 8 to celebrate me climbing further up that hill with my family.  It was a fun weekend.  I admit, I spent my 30th birthday a lot quieter and way more sober than I always thought that I would, haha.  But, there’s always 40, haha.

We got to NY late at night on Thursday, Feb. 6 so we could have the entire day there on Feb. 7 to make up for us having to leave earlier in the day on Sunday, Feb. 9.  Friday was low-key. I went shopping at Tanger Outlets in Riverhead, NY with my mom. I turned 22 weeks on my birthday and although my belly was starting to show a bit, I still had little problems fitting into most of my clothes. [Flash forward to today, at 26 weeks, where some of my shirts are now giving me issues because of my newly acquired assets on top and I am having issues buttoning my higher-waisted pants and jeans...time for the belly band!] After a nice day with my mom and dinner of homemade pizza with my parents, Jay & I headed out to Tara’s Inn in Port Jefferson, NY for my friend and birthday buddy, Ian’s, surprise party.


Opening Scene of the Veronica Mars Movie

Written By: Colleen - Mar• 01•14

Two more weeks until the Veronica Mars movie opens. I’m really excited for this movie and cannot wait to see it. Yesterday, Rob Thomas & co. released the first two minutes of the movie as a sneak peak for fans. It’s basically your standard rundown of who Veronica is and why she is who she is – or, as you’ll find out if you watch it, why she was who she was. It’s nothing Earth shattering, but it still gave me a little thrill of joy that we’ve got 13 days to go before one of my all-time favorite TV characters is back and hopefully better than ever. :)

Happy watching!

Side note: If you haven’t ever seen Veronica Mars, do yourself a favor and watch the pilot. Then I dare you to not want to watch the rest. Our friend Clif laughed a little bit when Jay was finishing Season 1 that he was so into watching the show. We convinced him to stay and watch an episode (I think we were maybe 3 or 4 from the S1 finale), and that turned into the rest of the season that night. What I’m trying to say is that it’s not a girls’ show, it’s just an awesome noir mystery show, so if that’s your thang, that you’ll love it. Just give it a shot. It’s streaming on Amazon Prime, otherwise, here’s a handy dandy link for you so no excuses: ;)

March 2014 Photo-a-Day List

Written By: Colleen - Mar• 01•14

This month’s Photo-a-Day list from Fatmumslim was co-created by Ma & Grandy. I want to do it, especially because I finally got a new phone all set up yesterday (iPhone 5S and I finally have iOS7, yayyy!) but I don’t have enough time nowadays to keep up with my blog (I’m getting to my birthday weekend still), let alone take and edit pictures. I suck, I know. Anyway, if you’re still doing this, enjoy!


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