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Zach’s First Movie

Written By: Colleen - Aug• 31•14


On Friday, August 29, Jay and I took Zach to see his first movie, Ghostbusters. [Side note: I can't believe that he also turned eleven weeks on Friday...where has the time gone? I don't even remember the month of July existing!] Ghostbusters is Jay’s all-time favorite movie and when we found out it was being re-released in theaters for its 30th anniversary, we knew that not only would we be seeing it, but that it would also be the first movie we took Zachary to see.

ghostbusters30anniversary-theatricalposterI know what you’re thinking: How can we bring a little baby to a movie that he can’t even understand yet, expect him to behave and tell people it’s his first movie? Well, for all the party-pooping technical commentators out there, this was technically Zachary’s first trip to the movies. And yes, he did actually watch some of it. And yes, he was really well behaved, too. Here’s how the whole thing went down.:

We got advanced tickets to see the 1:00 p.m. show. We figured that since it was daytime hours during a school day and the Friday of Labor Day weekend, chances were the theater wouldn’t be crowded. Before we left the house, Jay and I decided that naturally, we’d have to be that family who wears matching t-shirts with the logo of a 30-year-movie to see said movie in theaters. Zach had received two Ghostbusters onesies as presents (THANK YOU SO MUCH Vikas and Bonnie!) in two different sizes and colors, so he was covered. Jay was set because he has like 30 different Ghostbuster t-shirts anyway, so it was just a matter of finding one of Jay’s t-shirts small enough to fit me. Luckily, one did. So, we were all set and ready to start our movie adventure, but not before we (of course) took a picture.

Ghostbusters-30anniversary-matchingfamilyshirts (more…)

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Photo-a-Day List: September 2014

Written By: Colleen - Aug• 31•14

For September 2014′s Photo-a-Day list, FatMumSlim used prompts submitted to her by challenge participants. Here’s the list. Happy picture taking!


The Adventures of Zach and Zoe, Part 2

Written By: Colleen - Aug• 29•14

They look out the window together during quiet time…


[Photo: July 29, 2014, when Zachary was six-and-a-half weeks old.]

The Adventures of Zach & Zoe Begin

Written By: Colleen - Aug• 28•14

NOTE: I started this post six weeks ago, when Zachary was five weeks old. I have long wanted to do posts of The Adventures of Zach and Zoe but kept putting it off. I’ve got six weeks worth of post ideas built up to share, so you’ve been warned…]


…well, okay, maybe “begin” is a little bit of an optimistic statement to make. They had a rough beginning, but after several weeks with Zachary, our little Zoe finally started warming up to him. When we first brought him home, she sniffed him in his car seat carrier and decided, “Hell no.” She then hid upstairs under our bed for several weeks before slowly starting to creep out. I think she accepted that he wasn’t going away and curiosity finally got the better of her. That, and after he hit that three week growth spurt, he was “talking” a lot more and I think she then recognized that he wasn’t another kitty to replace her, but rather a loud little human being. As of now, when he’s almost eleven weeks old, she still doesn’t quite know what to make of him and is still a bit frightened to touch him, but as you’ll see over this series of blog posts, she’s gotten better.

The Beginning:

Zoe checking Zach out right after he came home from the hospital. She was considerably less impressed with him than the rest of us were:





As the days went on that first week he was home, she tentatively approached before deciding, “Nope, still want nothing to do with this strange creature.”



But, at some point, curiosity got the better of our little Zobo. That, and she missed Mommy and Daddy’s attention, haha. When Zach was almost three weeks old, she approached again:


Zach’s First Time at the Dinner Table

Written By: Colleen - Aug• 21•14

Man, this is my third video post in a row and I have one more for tomorrow or Saturday. Having a baby has made me lazy, lol.

Since Zach loves to sit up or be held up to look around and has been able to hold his head up on his own for a while now, Jay and I decided to try sitting him in his high chair for the first time tonight while we ate dinner. We weren’t sure if he’d be able to sit up on his own for very long, but thanks to the support of the insert, he was able to sit up the entire time we ate (probably about 20 minutes).



We were so proud of him! I’m happy that I have another option for entertaining him during the day, haha. We propped up a soft book for him to look at when he started to get fussy and it kept him entertained. So, we’ve got the neck strength moving along nicely for sitting up. He still refuses to do Tummy Time, though. He screams bloody murder when you put him down on his stomach and can’t be calmed for up to an hour afterwards. It’s an awful experience for everyone involved, haha.

Anyway, here’s a little video we took of him during dinner. He was so happy to be a part of the action.

Jack, Dale and I Get Iced

Written By: Colleen - Aug• 19•14

We did it. It was cold, but a lot of fun.

Jay Gets Iced

Written By: Colleen - Aug• 18•14

Jay’s friend and Zach’s godfather, Cole, challenged Jay to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge yesterday. [Confession: Even though this has apparently been going on for like two weeks, I had NO IDEA this challenge existed until I saw a video of Oprah doing it on Saturday; no joke! I then proceeded to delightedly watch like 30 more videos in a row, haha.] He lived up to the task tonight and challenged me, Jack, Dale, and his friend/co-worker Anson to do it within the next 24 hours.

Here is Jay’s video:

I think this whole thing is a great way to raise awareness for a cause that otherwise gets lost in the mix. One of my mom’s best friends died of ALS six years ago at a young age (late 40s), leaving behind three children (the oldest was 25 at the time). It’s a horrible illness and I hope all of this money raised somehow does, in fact, make it into the right hands who will help make strides towards treatment and a cure.

I hate the cold but I look forward to pouring ice over myself in some fashion tomorrow. If you want to donate, you can visit

    Meghan Trainor at Crabtree Valley Mall

    Written By: Colleen - Aug• 17•14

    So today, I took Zachary to his first “concert.” Jay is obsessed with that song “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor and played it several times during our drive to and from Long Island last week. As luck would have it, when he returned to work on Friday, he noticed a sign at the mall announcing that Meghan Trainor would be performing there today. Always on the lookout for something to do, I decided to take Zach up there and check it out. She performed three songs on her own and one song with a boy band called AJR (they performed first). AJR performed first, but I missed them. Trainor was good. I’m unfamiliar with her other music, but I’ll go check it out now. She sounded different than she does on the radio edit of “All About that Bass,” much better. Since Jay got stuck at work and ended up missing the performance, I took a video of it for him. Enjoy!

    August 2014 Photo-a-Day List

    Written By: Colleen - Jul• 31•14

    Here’s FatMumSlim’s Photo-a-day list for August 2014. This month’s list was designed by Jayde at a website called Little Paper Lane. Happy picture taking!


    About That Harry Potter Quidditch Update on Pottermore…

    Written By: Colleen - Jul• 09•14


    Surprise! If you’ve been following Pottermore (and let’s face it, not many of us have been…), then you know that back in April, the site started producing Daily Prophet articles with updates of the Quidditch World Cup written by Quidditch Correspondent in the Patagonian desert, Ginny Potter. I read somewhere that the articles are timed to coincide with FIFA World Cup fever, but who knows? Regardless, you have to be logged into Pottermore to read them, including a special gossip column that came out yesterday from none other than Rita Skeeter.

    In a Daily Prophet gossip column written by Rita Skeeter, J.K. Rowling cleverly updates us on what’s going on with the gang formerly forever known as Dumbledore’s Army, as well as some of our favorite side characters. I’m super late to blog about this, but I have a baby, so cut me a break, haha. I spend a of of time typing with one hand. Anyway, here’s some of what we learned:

    • Harry is 34 and still wears his signature glasses.
    • Harry is an Auror now.
    • Ginny is a sports reporter.
    • Ron left his job as an Auror after only two years to co-manage Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes alongside George.
    • Hermione is Deputy Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.
    • Percy is Head of the Department of Magical Transportation.
    • Charlie remains both a dragon wrangler and unmarried.
    • Teddy Lupin is described as a “wild child” in need of an intervention and spends all day “snogging” with Victoire Weasley (daughter of Bill and Fleur).

    It wasn’t very long, but I loved it. She didn’t go overboard yet still gave us the facts in a concise, fun manner. I hope we get more updates from Rita about the gang in the future…