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Pumpkin Picking in the 919: 2014 Edition

Written By: Colleen - Oct• 31•14

One of my favorite things that we do each year is carve our pumpkin. It’s a great excuse for me to dress up Zoe, drink beer, and take a lot of pictures. We’ve done it every year except last year (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012). This year was Zachary’s first year carving a pumpkin. He “watched” as best a 4-month-old can watch. We propped him up because he hates laying down and were able to hold his attention for much longer than we thought we would be able to.

Watching Daddy make the first cut.


Zoe gets in on the action.


Family selfie.


Zach’s first look at the inside of a pumpkin.


Happy Baby!



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Pumpkin Picking in the 919

Written By: Colleen - Oct• 30•14

I know I keep promising to update more but I’m having that work/life balance issue right now. One of these days, I am going to sit down and document Zach’s big moments, even if no one cares by the time that I do. Maybe I’ll challenge myself to do that before Thanksgiving.

Last weekend, Jay and I took Zachary Louis to a pumpkin farm to go pumpkin picking. It also had a hayride and a corn maze. We went to a small, local farm called Page Farms. For the most part, Zach did okay. He had had a busy morning before we went, so he was tired by the time we got there. He enjoyed the first half of the hayride, but it went a little too long (for anyone, not just a baby) and he started to get fussy after about ten minutes. They did have llamas at this farm, though, and as a devoted fan of The Emperor’s New Groove, I found that to be exciting. He fell asleep during the actual pumpkin picking portion of our program, but woke up just in time for the corn maze. We each got a pumpkin (Jay and I co-picked out Zachary’s) and I had a blast.

So without blabbing on more, here’s our day in pictures. …And yes, I totally dressed Zach up to match me. Enjoy!

Mr. Cool Dude is all set to find out what this pumpkin picking stuff is all about.


Kisses from Mommy as we wait for the hayride to start.




October 2014 Photo-a-Day List

Written By: Colleen - Sep• 30•14

I like the idea of this month’s prompts. It’s different and I appreciate that. It’s credit to Laura Blythman. I’ll be nice and not point out the obvious thinking-ouside-the-box joke when you see the list. As always, thanks to FatMumSlim for creating the list.


The Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack Returns

Written By: Colleen - Sep• 22•14


The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack returned this morning, September 22, in honor of the tenth anniversary of the pilot of LOST airing. Jay and Jack will be releasing 30 episodes over the next year for what they are calling the “Tenth Anniversary Retrospective.” Each podcast will focus on something different, from certain LOST episodes (for instance, this first podcast talks about the pilot) to pivotal moments and feature special guests – podcasting friends and maybe even cast/crew members. Subscribe to the Lost Podcast feed here: If you already are a Jay & Jack PLUS member, shows will be released there too.

Jay & Jack’s iconic logo was spruced up by Jacob Parr, who redid a lot of the logos for Jay and Jack PLUS. For one week only (so until Sunday, Sept. 28), he will be selling a t-shirt (below) on his Etsy shirt to commemorate ten years of LOST.  Check out his shop here: and pick up a shirt if you’re so inclined!



The Adventures of Zach and Zoe: Part 9

Written By: Colleen - Sep• 21•14

They have story time together with Daddy…



[Picture: August 29 when Zachary was 11 weeks old.]

The Adventures of Zach and Zoe: Part 8

Written By: Colleen - Sep• 09•14

They converse at the dinner table…



[Photo: August 28, 2014 when Zachary was just about 11 weeks old.]

Back to Work

Written By: Colleen - Sep• 08•14

Wow. I can’t believe that 12 weeks have gone by. The best 12 weeks of my life are coming to an end and a new chapter is beginning.

Before Mommy's First Day Back.

Before Mommy’s First Day Back.

I go back to work today, September 8. I cannot believe that it’s already time to say goodbye to spending my days with my Zachary Louis. I should have written down more about the past three months, but I didn’t. I kept thinking, “Oh, I’ll do an update next week…okay, next week…next week…” and it just never happened. Now, I don’t even remember the last three months at all. Just yesterday, we were cuddling on the couch while watching soccer with months to go together and now, it’s all ending. I really wish that I had written more things down.

I had so much that I wanted to do over the past 12 weeks. I wanted to blog more, read more books, read more magazines, work on my own book, cook and bake some of the many recipes I found on Pinterest and cut from magazines, and get more work done around the house.  Instead, I spent a lot of time sitting around, breastfeeding, going for walks, and going to Target to spend way too much money, haha. But, it was perfect because each day, I watched my son grow a little bit more, play a little bit more, and reach milestones.

This week, Zachary will get the “Daddy Daycare” treatment since Jay will be staying home with him to help make the transition a little bit easier. Next Monday, he will start daycare on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule at a Primrose School that’s a mile from where I work. Even though I am sad to leave him, I’m comforted knowing he will be so close to me and that I can always pop in to see him at lunch or during the day. I will have to make a blog post about the series of events that brought us to make a (very, very) last minute switch to Primrose that makes me think the Universe is still looking out for us.

So, before I wrap this up and go start the newest chapter of motherhood, I’ll share my favorite part of my day with my Zachary, the part that I will miss the most, as well as my favorite memory to date. As much as I love cuddling with Zach each day, I really love when we have our “chats.” He has been making noises since he was born, but when he was around six weeks, he really started interacting with us and “talking” back when we talked to him. I love smiling at him and having him burst into a smile back and start talking to me. Each day, it’s more frequent and happens for a longer period of time and I just could converse with him for hours. I hope he still talks to me, even when he’s a teenager, lol. My favorite Zach memory happened when he was six weeks old. Jay was at San Diego Comic-Con and my parents came to stay with us. I had just finished changing his diaper and was getting ready to put him to bed. Zach used to scream bloody murder almost every time you changed his diaper, so it could sometimes be a process to change him. I had just gone to battle and won and snapped close the last button on his onesie when I heard that unmistakable sound of a fresh poop. My dad was in the room with me. Zach looked up as soon as he went and let out this big old knowing smile with a little giggle noise, as if to say, “You thought you were home free for the night, but nope!” My dad and I burst out laughing because of the timing and his reaction. This video was taken right after, so you can see the good mood he was in. It was just so funny and endearing.

Zach has done so many cute things and there are so many stories just like that. I really wish I had been blogging about him each week so I could go back and be reminded of it. Maybe I will start to do that from here on out. I just wish I had written down more. Oh well. Time to start the new adventure…

The Adventures of Zach and Zoe: Part 7

Written By: Colleen - Sep• 07•14

They work out with Mommy…




[Photo: August 26, 2014 when Zachary was 10 weeks old.]

The Adventures of Zach and Zoe: Part 6

Written By: Colleen - Sep• 06•14

They read books and look out at the backyard together…




[Photo: August 25, 2014 when Zachary was ten weeks old.]

The Adventures of Zach and Zoe: Part 5

Written By: Colleen - Sep• 04•14

They have staring contests in the morning…





[Photo: August 20, 2014 when Zachary was nine-and-a-half weeks old.]