Survivor JJC is Back!

We’re baaaack! When Jay, Jack, and I recorded the Survivor: Winners at War finale show back in May 2020, it was most likely going to be the last episode of Survivor with Jay, Jack, and Colleen. Maybe it was just a long break or maybe absence made the heart grow fonder, but a few weeks ago, we decided we were going to come on back for Season 41. Jay had the idea to do it live each week, starting ~15 minutes after each new episode ended.

We had a lot of fun recording our preview show tonight, where we assess the cast and make predictions about how each cast member will do. Give it a listen below and subscribe to us on iTunes!

Listen to “Ep. 14.0 “Survivor 41 Preview Show”” on Spreaker.

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Underground Adventures!

Last weekend, I met up with a group of geocachers for a few underground adventures. And by “underground adventures,” I mean, “we were in drainage pipes and tunnels.” It was fun!

There are different types of geocaches – traditional caches, which are containers you find in the woods, on a city street, or in a parking lot (the non-woods ones are subcategorized as “urban” caches), virtual ones that require you to go to a location to answer questions, puzzle caches, blah blah blah. If you’re really interested, you can find them all listed and defined here. One type of traditional cache is subcategorized as a “tunnel” cache. You find the entrance or “trailhead” at the outset of a storm pipe drain and make your way through it until you find the container. These types of caches can be fairly easy, just requiring a flashlight or headlamp, to extremely challenging, requiring crawling through the sewer system and elevation changes from pipe-to-pipe where you’ll need a ladder and/or teamwork to get everyone up. Tunnel caches are what I met up with the group last weekend to tackle. 

There was a list of 12 or so tunnels, but we knew that realistically, we would only get to maybe 6. There were a few on that list that I’d wanted to do for a while. None of them were particularly challenging, thankfully. At 5′ 3.5″, I have a height advantage, haha. At points where the taller people were really working their quads, I was still lucky enough to only be slightly hunched over. But that also meant that for some of the “jumping up” portions of the day, I needed a boost lol. I still think I had the better end of the deal.

The longest tunnel we went through was underneath the Walmart by my house (across the street from where everyone’s stayed for the podcast meet-up for the past few years). We ended up having to replace the container with a fairly large one. We hung it from the ladder that you climb up and down from when you’re accessing the drain from the street. I’m the one who did it and I took note of a street sign that I saw above me because I wanted to go back to that grate and see if I could see the container from above (I’m 95% sure you can) but of course, my perception was totally off underground and I couldn’t find the sign once I was streetside! I’m gonna find it, dammit! And take a picture!

Another tunnel we entered was a short drain pipe that emptied rainwater into Crabtree Creek at the Crabtree Valley Mall. This was a cache that I had solved a cipher puzzle to get the coordinates for a while ago and have been waiting years to find. It was an easy pipe and an easy find by a taller geocaching friend. And it was really cool because this cache was placed in 2012 and hadn’t been found by anyone since 2015. Yeah, yeah, dorky to everyone else, but super cool to us.

Another cache was in a different tunnel system in Downtown Raleigh, one that’s actually very close to my new office. The tunnel was neat – it was stone instead of concrete because it was older – and it was much cooler, temperature-wise. But the tunnel itself isn’t the notable part of this adventure. We were trying to figure out ways to get down to access the entrance. While my friend Michael was climbing down, I stopped to take a picture of him. There was a bunch of bamboo near where he climbed down, so another friend, Cheryl, went into the bamboo to see if there was an easier way into the tunnel that didn’t involve climbing 20+ feet. Just as I took the picture, I feel a sharp pinch on my stomach and cry out, “Oww!” 

Then, I felt 3 more sharp pinches on my right leg. Before I know it, there’s a lot of sharp pinches all over. A third friend, Mike, had rushed over and is going, “Colleen, there are yellowjackets all over you!” as he’s swatting them away.

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The Broadcast Ep. 6.9 “The Lion, The Bear, & The Jellyfish”

Need something to listen to at the beach/wherever you’re spending Labor Day weekend as all of the other bigger podcasts are taking off for the holiday? Check out this week’s episode of The Broadcast, which was released on Friday, September 3. We didn’t intend to, but somehow we ended up talking about cheese and sex positions, lol. Why not?

Here’s the official episode description:

It’s our “6.9” episode and we celebrate with cheese! Lots and lots of cheese, especially camembert. They also talk about the upcoming California governor recall election and why you shouldn’t cartoon-sex shame. It’s Manchego’s Last Stand!

Here are the links to the quizzes we took during the show:

I know my microphone has sounded weird all season. I bought a new mic a few weeks ago as a result (the popular Blue Yeti one). Even though we sound okay during sound checks, for some reason, it’s still sounding like shit after I export it. I’ve set aside some time with Jay (being my pretend cohost from another room) to really figure out what’s going on and hopefully fix it before Ep. 6.10. Thank you for your patience in that area. I’m so frustrated by it!

Anyways, you can listen to the latest episode below or via jayandjack.comiTunesSpreakerSpotifyStitcherGoogle Podcasts, etc. You may have better luck searching for us as “The Broadcast with Amanda, Shandy, and Colleen” since there are a few other shows called The Broadcast.

As always, happy listening, and thanks for listening!

Listen to “Ep. 6.9 "The Lion, The Bear, & The Jellyfish"” on Spreaker.

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Alanis in Raleigh!

My wonderful friend Sara and I had a mom date last weekend and saw Cat Power/Garbage/Alanis Morissette in concert in Raleigh, NC (on August 22). It was an awesome night.

Those of you who have known me for a long time know that I’m a huge Alanis Morissette fan. When I first heard Jagged Little Pill (released on June 13 – Zach’s birthday!) back in middle school, it changed my life. I related to the angst and felt validated that I was a moody, insecure tween who never felt good enough. I remember listening to “Forgiven” on my way to Catholic religion class and being fascinated when I realized what it was about. I felt like a rebel listening to a song about blow jobs in movie theaters with the word “fuck” in it! I mulled over the lyrics of “All I Really Want,” “Not the Doctor,” “Right Through You,” and “Wake Up.” Honestly, I was too young to understand a lot of the album’s subject matter when I first started listening to it but as I got older and understood more about life and the world, it was formulating. You could feel not good enough as a kid, taken advantage of as a trusting teen/young adult, and still stand up, nope out,and “not the one” a bad situation as an adult. I don’t know if I’m explaining it right but shit, I related to Alanis’ music, especially the first 3 albums. (Under Rug Swept is criminally underrated and I don’t know why “Hands Clean” – released on my birthday in 2002 – was never really given the scrutiny/blind-item treatment that “You Oughta Know” was given. Like, yeah, it sucks that Uncle Joey sucked but she basically called out a proto-Dan Schneider and dude must have been powerful enough in 2002 to squash bad PR but why didn’t it ever come back up in 2016/17 during #MeToo?)

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One Final Zoe Post

I can’t believe it’s been a month without our little Zobo Cat. It may sound silly, but we really miss her. We still have moments where we forget that she isn’t around – Alex will ask if she’s coming home soon, Jay has sworn that he’s felt her jump up on the bed several times, and I’ve had a tough time remembering that I can’t just throw extra water or an ice cube into her water bowl anymore. We just really miss her.

I realize that I didn’t explain what actually happened in between my post about Zoe being sick and my post that she had passed away, so here’s what happened. This post is long but will likely be my last-ever post about Zoe.

When I wrote my update, we had just started Zoe on steroids, anti-nausea meds, and an appetite stimulant. My friend Katie, who is a vet, came over the night of Thursday, July 15, and reassured me that it could take several days before she’d be feeling better. By the following day, Zoe was a bit more like herself. She was able to jump up on the counter, indicating she had more strength and energy than she’d previously had. I felt tentatively hopeful.

We were going to Washington, D.C. on Saturday, July 17, and debated what we should do with Zoe while we were gone. On one hand, she was starting to respond positively to the steroids and we didn’t want her to miss any doses. Also, the last time we’d been out-of-town was when she’d had that sharp decline and we didn’t want to lose any progress. On the other hand, we didn’t want to take her from her comfort zone. In the end, we decided to board her so she could have someone giving her the medicine and encouraging her to eat.

Whether that was a mistake or not, I’ll never know. When we picked her up on Monday morning, she was skinny and weak and it was clear that she hadn’t eaten very much. I had called the vet’s office to check on her on Sunday afternoon and they told me she was doing well, but she was not the same cat that we’d dropped off. I was devastated.

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TV Shows Galore!

My new job has left me a bit mentally tired at night, and since we had a four-week span where we didn’t record a new episode of The Broadcast, Jay and I have watched a bunch of new television shows lately. The first one was Girls 5Eva. Here are the other ones and what we thought:

We Are Lady Parts (Peacock) We didn’t intend to, but ended up watching all six episodes of the first season of We Are Lady Parts in one sitting. Created, written, and directed by Nida Manzoor, WALP is clever, charming, and creative. Awkward yet lovable Amina Hussein reluctantly joins an all-female, all-Muslim punk rock band as their new lead guitar player…only she struggles with terrible stage fright. Amina tries to balance her studies, her more traditional friends, her progressive new bandmates, and the pressure to find a husband. Her parents are delightfully ‘woke’ and the characters are fun, well-developed, and diverse. This was Jay’s favorite out of all of the new shows we watched.

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The Broadcast Ep. 6.5 “Mayday Goes to Canada”

Sorry for the late posting about Friday’s episode! I meant to do it yesterday morning but ran out of time. I think we have a really great discussion about Season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale and that you’ll check it out if you’re interested. If not, the first 30 minutes are normal chit chat and whatnot.

Here’s the official episode description:

On this episode of The Broadcast, Amanda loves her some finger math! Colleen has discovered uninvited children’s books and Shandy is preparing for vacation! The bulk of the discussion of this episode is about Season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale.

If you do want to check this episode out, you can listen to the latest episode below or via jayandjack.comiTunesSpreakerSpotifyStitcherGoogle Podcasts, etc. You may have better luck searching for us as “The Broadcast with Amanda, Shandy, and Colleen” since there are a few other shows called The Broadcast.

As always, happy listening, and thanks for listening!

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A Day of Firsts

Today was a day of firsts in the Glatfelter household. Zachary had his first day of second grade and I had my first day at my new job. We were both pretty nervous this morning but we both had great days. Zach was nervous because the second graders are on the second floor of his elementary school and he was worried he’d get lost. He also changed tracks and was worried that he wouldn’t have any friends on his new track. [We go to a year-round school and it is divided into different tracks; only 3 tracks are in at a time. They have staggered starts & breaks for a schedule of 9 weeks on and 3 weeks off. When one group tracks out, another group tracks in. It makes more sense than how I’m explaining it, haha.]

He didn’t get lost and because virtual schooling messed up the track schedule, a few first-grade classmates ended up being in his new class and one of his best friends has the same recess block as he does. When he got into the car today, he said he had a “great day!” Win!

We lost the “My First Day” chalkboard thingy so he just held up at 2 instead lol.

I was nervous because I took a job in the same field but doing something very different. It will be challenging and busy. I used to have periods of downtime at my old job but I won’t have that here. But I work best when I am busy and don’t have the opportunity to get distracted and derailed, so I am looking forward to the challenge (but still nervous since there are so many new things to learn!).  And, I’ll get to work from home a couple of days a week, which I am happy about. I loved working remotely during the pandemic, which is weird since I’m not a homebody, haha.

Anyways, a successful day of firsts. Also: In a funny twist, Jay’s first day at his last job was the first day of first grade!

Oh, and Alex wanted a first-day picture, even though his first official day of preschool isn’t for a couple more weeks. 🙂


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Bitchard Nixon wants you to watch Girls5Eva

Let me just preface this post with the disclaimer that I suck at writing reviews. I never know how to start them or how to write them in my own voice. So instead, consider what I am about to write to be an enthusiastic recommendation.

I did not like Girls5Eva, a Peacock original show, at first. Shandy had watched it on Matt’s recommendation and really enjoyed it. I knew the basic premise and that Tina Fey was involved, so I figured it was right up my alley. I took an extended break in between episodes 3 and 4 because I just wasn’t that into it. My (silly) hot take was that it was one of those female-heavy shows touted as “feminist” but with super-flawed female characters who ended up being the butt of their own jokes rather than being portrayed as strong, intelligent women.

I was so wrong!

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14 Years <3

14 years ago today, this dorky, adorable, wonderful dude asked me two days after our first date if we wanted to be official. I said yes and we’ve never looked back. 14 years, 3 homes, and 2 children later, and there’s no one else I’d rather spend my life with. I am a lucky gal.

Happy 14th, Smoopsys! I love you! Thanks for a wonderful life. 🙂 Cheers!

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