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642 Things to Write About Challenge: Week 39

Written By: Colleen - Sep• 28•13

So I’m sitting alone with Zoe in my now almost-empty apartment, writing what could very well be my last ever blog post from it.  Today, with a lot of help from Jay’s family and my friend Sara, we moved the majority of our stuff out of here and into our new house.  I’m not good with change, so I’m taking a moment here by myself to gather my thoughts and begin to say goodbye to a place that has been the only home I’ve ever known in Raleigh.

I have a lot of mixed emotions about moving.  I’m really excited about what the future may bring, but part of me is a bit melancholy.  This apartment has witnessed a lot; it has seen me very happy and seen me feel completely broken.  It has heard laughter and love making and crying.  This apartment holds a lot of good memories for me.  I got engaged in this apartment.  I really grew up and became my own person while living here.  It went from bare (we didn’t even have a kitchen table for my first month living here) to packed (we had to add the accent cabinet and Jay eventually got a storage unit for his toys).  It started out an apartment but quickly became my home.  I love the location, I love the layout, I love the vibe it gives.  I love that I’ve gotten to see so many beautiful, colorful sunsets out my back window.  I just really have enjoyed living here and would totally recommend it to anyone looking for an apartment in Northwest Raleigh.

But enough of the apartment lovefest, haha.  Let me get to this week’s topic.  I saw it months ago, before moving was even on the horizon and it stayed in the back of my mind.  It was pretty much a no brainer for me to do it this week and it’s an easy one for me, although if I had more time, I’d make a little story out of it.  I think it could have potential…

“The people who will live in your house after you move out.”

Maybe the people who live here after we move out will be just like us: Two young adults starting out in the world, with many milestones ahead of them.  Maybe they’ll just be dating like we were, maybe engaged or already married.  Or maybe they won’t be like we were.  Maybe they’ll be an elderly couple looking to live a quiet life in a well-priced, fairly large apartment in an awesome location.  Maybe they’ll be roommates spending their lives here for a year or so before moving onwards to new adventures.  Maybe it will be just be one person.

Regardless of who lives here next, I hope they appreciate every sunset like I did.  Maybe just sit at the kitchen table and look out over the kitchen and living room and appreciate that all of this was your home now.  I did that almost every single night before we got our new couches this past year and I upgraded to more comfortable seating, haha.  I hope they take as good of care of this apartment as we did because it took good care of me in return.

Well, this is it.  Whoever you are who lives here next, I wish you nothing but the very best in the whole wide world and I hope you love this apartment as much as I have for the last five years.  Whoever you are, please take care of it.

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  1. Jamie Hill says:

    Your apartment was the place that I watched Lost for the first time with a great group of Friends, thank you all for the memories of that night.

  2. Melody says:

    I hope your transition is going as smooth as possible. Having moved more than a handful of times, I actually get itchy when I’ve been in a certain place too long or at least haven’t done a complete makeover on a room or two to switch it up. I crave change. So it was refreshing for me to read a post like this and I am hoping to see a future post about your new sunset spot, wherever that will be! 🙂

    • Colleen Glatfelter says:

      Aaahhh I can’t deal with change! I cried when we got rid of our old crappy couch because I had had it for so long, haha.

      • Melody says:

        Hahahaha I am cracking up! That said, I totally get it. I did hate getting rid of a certain dresser during one move that was previously my Grandmother’s. That sucked. But cheers to new furniture and new memories!

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