Today, May 23, 2011, is the one year anniversary of the end of the TV show that changed my life: Lost.  Last year tonight, I saw in the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles, California with Jay, Jack, their family, our friends, and an auditorium filled with fellow Lost fans.  After years of interacting with many of them over the Internet or hearing them call into various podcasts, it was such a thrilling night to be able to finally watch it with them live and in person.  May 23, 2010 was hands down one of the best nights of my life.  Big props and a huge thank you to Michael Purcell of Global Cash Card for helping make it happen.  Fact. The night of Jay & Jack’s Lost Finale Party was a mini dress rehearsal for me for the wedding.  Because the evening went by SO QUICKLY due to how much I was rushing around and I barely remember much of it, it helped me to make sure that my wedding did not go like that.  So, thanks Lost for yet another life lesson!

Anyways (ding).  Yesterday morning I spent a good hour watching clips of the Lost finale on YouTube.  This was mainly because I woke up at 8:30am on a Sunday and was too tired to get out of bed & pop the actually episode in the Blu Ray player yet too wide awake to go back to bed.  It started because my awesome Uncle Lou – whose birthday happens to also be today – sent me this YouTube video.  From there, I went on a massive Lost kick.  This is one of my favorite fan made trailers ever.  I still get excited when I watch it even though I know how it’s going to end.

After reading everyone’s Tweets all day today, it got me thinking about what my favorite scene was from the finale.  There are so many spectacular scenes to choose from.  I know that some people were unsatisfied with the ending but even if you were unhappy story-wise, how could you not just get a little bit choked up at some of the outstanding ways that the show came full circle?  [Example: “I’ll see you in another life, brother.” Definitely one of my favorite moments in the finale. Ben & Locke’s last scene? AMAZING.]  I posted the question this evening on Twitter and got so many great responses.  I have to admit: Every time someone responded to me with a scene, I got a little of that emotional feeling – you know, when you’re so overcome with memory that you can’t help but smile/get a wee bit teary at the same time?  I miss Lost.  I hope that soon we can all bond over another television show again.  I know it will never be like before but I hope something comes close because I miss my Tuesday night YuBlog (& Wednesday night Lost Podcast Forum) viewing buddies so much.  #WeHaveToGoBack!

Here’s all the responses I got.  It seems the most popular were the finale scene with Jack, Vincent & Jack’s eye closing (I think that this is my favorite as well), the scene in the church, Kung Fu Jack attacking Locke, and Charlie & Claire’s wake up scene.  I hope you enjoy going down memory lane reading them as much as I did.  I put Marc’s tweet first because I think it explains perfectly how I felt about that scene and why I felt that way.

Please feel free to add more of your favorite scenes in the comments.  Happy Lost-iversary everyone!!!!!

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