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So I Tried Prime Now…

So I figured my first step towards blogging more often would be an easy post. Baby steps… I tried Amazon’s Prime Now! Service just began in Raleigh. Last night, I realized that I needed to buy cookies for Zachary’s class’s Valentine’s Day party this afternoon. Since it was 11 p.m., going out to the store […]

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PSA About PayPal

Some of you may know how much I don’t like PayPal.  I hate that they can be in control of your money but not be subject to US banking laws and regulations.  I find that mad sketchy and I think some of their practices are downright criminal.  And YES, I have had some really fucking […]

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Don’t Use GymPact

So on Wednesday, I reviewed a really great fitness accessory called Armpocket.  Today, I’m going to talk about another fitness companion, an iPhone app called GymPact.  Unlike Armpocket, I would tell you to stay far the F away from GymPact.  The creators of the app care more about taking your money than they do having […]

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Paddle Creek Kayaking’s Bad Customer Service

As I mentioned yesterday, Jay and I are going to go kayaking on Sunday for our first wedding anniversary.  I used to go kayaking in high school with my dad, uncle, sisters, and cousin; I love it.  We went during our honeymoon and had a blast, even though we didn’t quite master that elusive-rowing in-sync-method.  […]

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