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Zachary Louis

On Friday, June 13, 2014, at 9:53 a.m., Jay and I welcomed our son Zachary Louis Glatfelter into the world. He was 7lbs 14 ounces and 21 inches long. He is the most perfect baby in the entire world. We love him more than we can even comprehend. A longer post is in the works, […]

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For My Two Boys

This post is not going to be an update, but merely a reflection. I am feeling very reflective today. Jay and I are about to celebrate the birth of our first child, our son. Back on the morning of October 7, when four pregnancy tests came back positive, I never thought June would actually arrive. But […]

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3 Years Down

Jay and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary last Tuesday, April 29. Since Jay was working until 8 p.m. that night and it wasn’t like we could just go out and get a drink after he got off work to celebrate, we decided to do something the weekend before it. Jay surprised me by booking […]

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Easter 2014

Happy Easter to all my friends out there who celebrated it today. I hope it was a great day for you. Jay and I had a very low key Easter here in Raleigh and as much as I missed seeing family today, it was a really great day. The past two Easters have been a bit […]

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Jay & Jack’s 2014 Autism Speaks Podcast Info

Here is the schedule for 2014 Autism Speaks Podcast on Saturday, April 5.  It begins at 2 p.m. ET and ends at 3 a.m. ET on April 6.  Here’s a website to convert each time to your own time zone. 2 p.m.: Jimmy Aquino 3 p.m.: Clif “The Hybrid” Armstrong 4 p.m.: Ralph Apel 5 p.m.: […]

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Baby G is a…

…BOY!!!! We’re very excited that we’re going to have a son!  I had a feeling it was a boy from the very first day I found out I was pregnant.  And although this wasn’t an actual doctor’s appointment (it’s an elective ultrasound clinic, so there were only technicians), the woman who conducted our session said […]

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We’re Having a Baby!

I know everyone probably wants another post with some baby news/info, so let me do my best to see what I can come up with, in more of a freestyle format. First Week: We found out we were pregnant on October 7, when I would be considered a little bit over four weeks.  I took […]

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Goodbye, Furman Hall

Note: I tried posting this last night until about 1:15 a.m. on the WordPress app on my phone, but it kept crashing on me.  Pretend all the “tonight’s” are “last night.”  Stupid no Internet ruining my emotional moment! Well, we officially moved out of our trusty old apartment. I cried when we did our last […]

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Breaking Bad with Jay & Jack

Attention Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack fans!  Jay and Jack are going to be doing a brand new podcast called Breaking Bad with Jay and Jack.  This will be a limited, exclusive podcast that covers the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad as they air on AMC from August 2013 through October 2013.  You can check out the first […]

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Sixth Anniversary Adventure

July 29, in case you missed all 200 posts on Facebook and Instagram, was my and Jay’s six-year dating anniversary.  Since we only have two anniversaries and no children’s birthdays to worry about, we still like to celebrate it.  Plus, it’s a good excuse to do something fun in the summertime that’s just the two […]

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