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There’s no way that it can’t get better than this. Because otherwise, no one would get past 25! We cannot be the only people who feel this way. Otherwise, we’ve got some other serious problem.” -Randy.

That made ME feel a little bit better the other night so I wrote it down as he said it hahahaha. He was trying to talk sense into me as I bitched & moaned & cried over how much I wish I was back at Marist & how I’m sorry that I was an asshole in general this summer. MOVING ON.

Ok bitches, here’s the deal: I’m house/dog sitting for my aunt in Mt. Sinai (8 miles from my house in Ridge) for the next 2 weeks – til Sept 14. I know Eddie’s coming out this Saturday to keep me company (9/2) & Princess Cupcake Assface Randy’s coming to par-tay it up LI-style next Saturday (9/9). If anyone wants to come and hang out with me at all for the next 2 weeks, definitely, definitely call me. It’s sort of lonely here with just the two dogs, not gonna lie, so if you wanna chill, this is my invitation. I’m working alot the next 2 weeks but whatev, it’ll be an improvement over the nothing that I basically did all summer (except get drunk like 4 nights a week & go to the beach like every other day).

P.S. I watched the first like 10 minutes of the V.M.A.’s and I have 3 comments – 1) Justin Timberlake is still fucking gorgeous & 2) WTF was J.Lo wearing? 3) Lil Kim is not intelligent. Then I turned them off after Lil Kim because they were already boring me. That’s all.

P.P.S. Yesterday was the first Wed between Sept-May that I was notat a board meeting at 11am in 2-and-a-half-years and it was really fucking weird. I don’t know if I like having my soul back anymore…

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