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I got halfway through a post on Monday about our canceled JetBlue flight back home from NY on Sunday but decided I’ve had enough of airplane drama posts for the moment.  So long story short: Our 4:30pm flight was canceled at 10:30am, I missed the phone call/emails because I was having the BEST nap of my entire life, and by the time I woke up and saw we were canceled around 12:45pm, they couldn’t rebook us on any other flights.  Whether or not this is because the other flights were sold out to begin with or what, I don’t know.  JetBlue doesn’t work with any other airlines so it was either fly out Monday and get back at 2pm, rent a car and drive the 10 hours back to Raleigh or buy tickets on another airline yet again.  Flying out Monday was out of the question.  The owner of my company was coming in at 8:30am and it’s only two of us in the office on Mondays anyway.  Plus, I’ve missed way too much work lately (funeral then LA) so I really can’t miss anymore.  Renting a car was probably cheapest but the least desirable experience ever and on very little sleep, driving back was the devil.  So we decided to take the JetBlue refund and go buy tickets on Southwest for the day.  I think in the end when all is said and done, we’ll only be out about $300 which also kinda sucks given all of the other shit we owe money for (see previous posts if you really care), all of which is totally travel related.  I’m just going to give a big UGH and then move on to the awesome news of the week.

Guess where I’m going sometime before the end of 2010, bitches:

05_Flatbed_WEB - MAY

That’s right!  My sister Katelyn won an all expenses paid trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, FL!!  She won 4 tickets – free hotel (Hard Rock Orlando woot), free airfare (do not comprehend), and 3-day passes to WWoHP and Universal Studios!  She won it through a radio station contest, which is crazy.  It’s also the second time she’s won something over the radio so now you all know the answer to “Why do you never have any luck, Colleen?”  It’s because Katelyn got all of the luck in the family, lol.

Anyway, she’s taking me, Christie, and Jeremiah #2.  Weekend is TBD.  Hopefully Jay can maybe come to hang out though it’s going to be too expensive for him to come to both parks with us and if I’m flying anywhere, I have to make the assumption that I’m somehow going to end up in more debt.  I’m so excited!  I really thought it’d be years before I ever got to go to there.  So YAY for something else to add onto 2010, the year of awesome!

P.S. I need a project.  Now that the Lost Finale Party is over, I feel bored and useless again.  Maybe I can organize something for Comic Con or something.  I don’t know.  I don’t do well with sitting still for long periods of time.  I was thinking of writing some kind of book or something about my airline experiences but then I realize I’ve given them all away on my blog and who wants to hear someone bitch about how much LaGuardia sucks for the 30th straight page?

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