Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Hello!  Hope all of my American friends had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend.  I really needed the three day weekend.  Since we got back from our honeymoon, it has been freaking crazy at work.  The first week back, I worked 9 hour days with no lunch to catch up and the week after that, we held a clinic at work.  It was way fun BUT it was a shit ton of work and I worked 11-12 hour days that week.  Last Fri (the day after the clinic ended), I went straight from work to the airport and woke up on Sat at 5am to drive to Marist for Christie’s graduation the got dropped off at the airport on the way back to Long Island.  This past week was just as crazy, so I was just really glad to have 3 days to chill out.

On Friday night, I finished watching this season’s Supernatural (does anyone have any thoughts? I seriously have no effing clue wtf went on this season but I’m not sure I liked it).  After that, Jay & I finished Season 2 of Mad Men and then started on Season 3.

On Saturday, I went grocery shopping and to the gym during the day while Jay worked 11am-8pm.  I decided I needed to try something new TV-wise, so I started watching Damages with Glenn Close, Tate Donovan, and Rose Byrne while I waited for Jay to get home from work to watch the last few episodes of Season 1 of Fringe with me for Jay & Jack’s Fringe Podcast.  That night, Jay had some friends over from Apple so I watched Damages on my laptop while they played video games and Crossfire.  I was really happy to see Jay so happy.  It really was so nice to watch him having fun.

On Sunday, I got up “early” (8:30am after going to bed at 1:30am) and went to the gym for pilates.  Afterwards, I did some minor errands and cleaning and then watched some more Damages until Jay got home early from work.  We then went to Jay’s parents house to celebrate Memorial Day and our one month wedding anniversary!  I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT ONE MONTH HAS GONE BY SO QUICKLY!!

Apparently, one month hasn’t gone by so quickly for Jack my FIL with MIL in town (I kiiiid).

We had a really fun night!  Lots of laughs, games, and attempts at making piña coladas and margaritas 🙂

Today, I attempted to go for a run.  I say attempted because, well, if you’re planning on going running in 87 degree weather, make sure the route you pick has shade!  By minute 10, I thought I was going to die and by minute 18, I had to walk for a minute to cool down because I was way overheated.  I made it 31 minutes before I gave up and walked to “cool down.”  I never used to have this problem and I’m in pretty good shape right now.  #GettingOldSucks.

After I ran, I wanted to try to “cool down” via the pool so Jay & I went down to our complex’s pool.

It was refreshing but we didn’t stay more than a half hour.  It was packed and we were the only people there not in a group socializing.  We attempted to be friendly but got shut down hahaha!  We were totally the non-cool kids at the pool today and we’ve probably been living at this place the longest lol.  Ah well.  Once we had had our share of the pool, we decided to come back to the apartment to cool down in the A.C.  Jay watched the last few episodes of Damages season 1 with me and is now hooked.  We finished it about 5:15pm and decided to head to dinner to celebrate our one month anniversary.  I had a dream a few weeks ago that we went to the Outback and ever since that morning I woke up, I have had a serious craving for that restaurant.  I know…who dreams of and then craves The Outback for weeks?  …This girl!

So…we went to The Outback to finish off our Memorial Day weekend.

After dinner, we watched this week’s episode of The Killing (dude it was awesome!) and started watching Season 2 of Damages.  That basically sums it all up.  Not an exciting weekend but sometimes, the calm and freedom to do whatever you want on your timetable is just what a girl needs.

I wish every weekend could be a three day weekend!  Happy Memorial Day to all my fellow Americans and to all of the men & women worldwide who have served their country proudly and bravely.

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