Blue Screen ‘O Not Fun.

All I wanted to do was sync up my iPhone.  That’s it.  But as soon as I did, everything froze up.  I waited for it to unfreeze since this happened on Sunday and the culprit was Firefox.  It didn’t unfreeze.  I tried to get the Activity Manager up, but even that was frozen.  So, I shut everything down.  I thought maybe it was overworked; I know that I need to upgrade my ram and was actually planning on doing that this weekend when I had the time.  So, I let it cool down for a little while.  Went to blow dry my hair to kill some time.  Came back and my dear Macbook was nice and cool.  Turned it on and I got the blue screen:

I don’t know what it means.  I shut it off again for a little while.  Then, at the advice of some people on Twitter and of a friend, I turned it on and held down the shift key to do a safe boot.  I held it down for 6 minutes (I know this because I timed it on my phone) because supposedly it takes a long time to boot up this way.  That didn’t work.  So now, I’m on my way to an appointment at the Genius Bar to see if its hopeless or not.  I have backed up all of my podcast-related stuff on a hard drive as recently as this past Saturday and the majority of my school assignments are backed up on Gmail.  Unfortunately, I don’t have all my pictures backed up, nor do I have some personal, creative projects I’ve worked on here and there over the past few years.  That’s going to feel like a loss if it is a case of a crashed hard drive.  I’m so afraid that will be the case.

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