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Man, I’m bummed that my nice, long weekend is over.  Even though it didn’t go exactly according to plan, I still had a really good weekend.  Since it ended up raining on Friday, Jay and I didn’t end up going to the beach.  Instead, we walked around Downtown Raleigh and visited the Museum of Natural Science.  Was it the same as going to the beach?  No, but we were together and made the most of what we had to work with!  The Museum of Natural Science in Downtown Raleigh is actually a really interesting experience, especially if you’re into that kind of stuff.  There’s 4 floors and on each, you learn a bit about something related to North Carolina – from geological to plants to animals to snakes.  There’s also sections on the dinosaurs, DNA, and space.  I had been there almost 5 years ago with Clif, but they’ve expanded it a lot since then, so it was definitely worth my time.

On Friday night, we got pizza and hit up the movies.  Since Jay was being extra nice to me because I was disappointed about missing the beach, we saw “Magic Mike.”  Two things: 1.) It wasn’t in a huge theater, but our theater was pretty darn packed; 2.) Jay was the only male in the theater.  I’m really grateful that he agreed to see it with me, because I really wanted to see it and all other attempts have failed.  I have a great husband.  The movie was pretty good, too.  The plot was predictable but not in a bad way and there were a lot of abs.  And Jay got rewarded too, kinda.  There was Olivia Munn boobies in it.  I’d definitely see the sequel.  Even though I’m not a guy, that movie makes me want to work out more.  Between “Magic Mike” and the Olympics, I feel like I’m only living up to half of my physical fitness potential.

We laid low on Saturday.  I went to the gym and then we pretty much hung out at home.  We decided to make tacos for dinner on Saturday, so we went out to Harris Teeter to get supplies.  Honestly, we were trying to save money by eating at home, but ended up spending more at Harris Teeter than if we would’ve gone out, haha.  There were also some groceries from the week thrown in, but shit son when did guacamole get some damn expensive?!  After dinner, we watched the Padres game and then the Olympics.

Jay had to leave again tonight for Virginia Beach to do another week of training for Apple. I was feeling bummed about that this morning, as well as feeling sad that I was missing a family party in NY today. I felt a bit homesick today. But that’s life.  We ended up going to the movies again this afternoon before he left, this time to see “The Campaign” with Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis.  Hilarious.  I’m glad that Will Ferrell finally made another funny movie.  There’s several laugh-out-loud moments and no, not all of them were in the trailer.  It’s also fun for both genders.  If you are on the fence, I’d recommend seeing it.  It’s not strictly a Will Ferrell-type comedy and I think that’s what saves it from being craptastic.  Zach Galifianakis brings his type of humor into it, which blends in nicely with the usually Ferrell stuff.  Jason Sudeikis does a good job as Ferrell’s campaign manager, but Dylan McDermott is great as Galifianakis’s campaign manager.  I really liked it and would totally watch it again.

Jay left after we got home from the movies.  This time, he’ll only be gone until Friday.  I’ve pretty much spent the past 5 hours since he left cleaning, blogging, uploading podcasts, and watching TV.  The very first thing I did after Jay left was clean up.  I want to see how long I can keep it clean, since I know how long I can keep it clean when Jay is home (about 30 minutes ;)).  I watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics (YAY SPICE GIRLS!) and then the pilot episode of “Downton Abbey.”  I admit that had some problems getting into the latter.  Maybe there’s something wrong with me because every single person who has ever watched it loves it from the get-go.  I’ll keep watching it the rest of the week, though.  I think the fact that I started it before the Olympics Closing Ceremony, then paused it, then went back to it after they were over may have played a part in that.  We’ll see tomorrow night!

Speaking of, I have to go to bed.  My goal is to be in bed by midnight every night while Jay is gone and I’ve already failed miserably at that on day one, haha.  I leave you with a video of the Spice Girls performing at the 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony. I’m going to miss watching the Olympics.

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