September Photo-a-day List

The list for September’s Photo-a-Day has been released.  I find it funny September 2 is “father” when it’s actually my mother’s birthday!  It looks like the hashtag has changed from including the month a la #PhotoadaAUG to just being all about its creator, @FatMumSlim.  The new hashtag is #FMSphotoaday.  I really don’t like this new change, but I’m not clever nor cool enough to start something as huge as this photo-a-day movement, so I guess I have to go with it.  I get it’s about the “community” of people who are doing this, but I think to name it after yourself is kinda vain.  Again, not clever nor cool enough to do something like this myself, so who am I to comment on it?

Here’s the list.  Enjoy!

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