Ep. 15: Blockheads


We follow both Michael and George Michael, picking up at the end of their game of phone tag.  Rebel and GM bond over their overbearing daddy issues.  GM is ever the Bluth, as he too takes Rebel into the Photo Booth for some fun.  Puzzle piece:  The person who called Rebel during her dinner with Michael, Lindsay, and Love was George Michael.  The two make plans to meet up because Rebel has already has birth control in her system that she had to pay for (a reference to Herbert Love’s politics).  Poor George Michael.  First his uncle steals his girlfriend, now he’s dating the same girl as his father.

Angry at being kicked out of the dorm room for Rebel’s visit, P-Hound gets a bunch of twins together and orchestrates George Michael’s vote-out (he’s labeled a ‘twincist’).  Any other TV show couldn’t get away with this kind of ridiculousness, but not AD.  After getting kicked out, he runs into G.O.B., who’s trying to cover his tracks after the Gothic Castle incident.  He tries to slip his nephew a Forget-Me-Now, to which GM responds, “If you don’t want me to tell anyone, I won’t.”  G.O.B. then waxes poetic about the pill happy age we live in.  He ends up giving “the very young looking man” a house in Sudden Valley.  And that’s who GM was having the pool party with at the start of “It Gets Better” – all of his new, sex-offender neighbors.  Again, no other show could get away with doing this gag.

Rebel’s son, Lem Depardieu, shows up at the sex offender-filled party.  We learn he lives in France with his father and only spends time with her during French pilot season.  Rebel tells GM that she doesn’t want to get too serious and liked the George Maharis she first met, the one who liked keeping things anonymous.  GM confides in Maeby and then fires her from FakeBlock.  Maeby runs into Michael at the penthouse and we see the scene where she signs the release.  She figures out that Michael is Rebel’s other guy.  To get back at her cousin for firing her, Maeby tells her uncle to go for it because Rebel is breaking up with George Maharis.  Michael heads over to Rebel’s apartment and they hook up.  On his way out, he grabs a Photo Booth picture.  He looks at it on his way out and realizes that the other man is none other than his own son.  And so, Michael tells Maeby she’s out of the movie.

Michael runs into GM at the model home and learns that his brother has sold his son a house in Sudden Valley.  Michael asks GM how he can afford to buy a house and his son says he has money coming in from investors and “I thought I’d do what everyone else around here says and put it in a Bluth.”  Priceless.  Michael returns to the penthouse and finds a note from Argyle Austero that gives him until the Cinco to pay the $700,000 back to Lucille 2.

This brings us to the Cinco de Quatro festival.  GM confesses everything to G.O.B. and asks for advice.  Unfortunately, his uncle spaces out to “The Sound of Silence” and misses most of the problem.  His advice? “I would rather have sex with someone because they thought I was someone else than not have sex with someone because she thought I was me. ”  George Michael: “So I should probably do the opposite of that.”

G.O.B. runs into George Sr. right as Lucille is walking away after telling him that she wants a real divorce.  G.O.B. asks his dad for money to pay the Mongolian hoard he hired to build the fake wall.  George Sr. informs G.O.B. and the Mongolians that the family has no money to pay them.  Puzzle piece: That’s how the Cinco riot starts.

The “Sound of  Silence” starts playing again and we see the scene from the first episode between Michael and Lucille 2.  L2 slaps Michael as he comes onto her and tells him she’s only been pity flirting with him.  Ouch!  Michael is out the end of his rope and tells her: “You own a company that I helped to build.  It was all my hard work.  This is something I have to do because if you don’t, I cant be hold responsible for what I might do.”  Uh-oh…

The blowback has started and Lindsay is leading the chants of “Put up this wall!”  George Michael takes to the podium and sees a note he assumes is from Rebel taped to it that reads, “You are about to get screwed like you’ve never been screwed before.  -Anonymous.”  It’s from the actual group Anonymous.  Is this a clue about what happened to Lucille 2 or set-up for a future George Michael storyline?  He reiterates his fake name to the crowd and tells them, “Let’s put up this wall.”  Only unlike Lindsay, GM is referring to a fire wall.  GM meets up with Rebel for “a night to remember” while Michael has “a night to forget.” (We see G.O.B. giving Michael the Forget-Me-Know in split screen.)

It’s the morning after Cinco de Quatro.  George Michael and Rebel wake up in bed together.  GM tells her that he’ll fight anyone he has to for her.  And she’s now promised to become serious with both father and son.  Michael & GM run into each other outside Rebel’s building.  Michael tells GM that he’s dating Rebel Alley and pretends to not know that his son was the other man.  He slips up when he mentions that they’ve both spent time with her in the Photo Booth.  Rather than tell his son the truth that he’d taken a Forget-Me-Now (he can’t because like the victim of a Roofie Circle, the only thing they forget is having taken one), he starts to go, “It’s like we’re identical tw–.”  The season ends with George Michael punching his father in the face.

The “On the next…” segment is after the credits.  G.O.B. gets a call from Lucille telling him that Lucille 2 has disappeared and he has to prepare to step up as president of the Bluth Company.  He then learns that although he didn’t take the Forget-Me-Now on the Cinco (he gave it to Michael), Tony Wonder has taken one and doesn’t remember their night together.  Buster is arrested for the murder of Lucille 2!  Ron Howard and Brian Frazer see the news of Buster’s arrest and celebrate that they’ve found the movie that will be their “next DaVinci Code!”  The final words are John Beard reminding us to “love each other.”

Things to Note:

  • Blockheads – Another reference to Charlie Brown?
  • “Ninja, please!”  Amazing.
  • G.O.B. drops a “that was a freebie.”
  • When George Michael says, “Maybe it is backwards,” he opens the fridge door and it’s backwards!  hahahahahaha.
  • We hear the Mr. F music associated with Argyle yet again.
  • During “The B. Team,” Ron Howard invites Michael inside the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM).  Rebel’s son is named Lem.
  • There’s a girl dressed as Ugly Betty at Cinco.
  • In the security footage from the end of “Off the Hook,” Lindsay’s “Lucille 2 4 Congres” sign is face down on the ground.  What’s face up is the back of it: “You’re killing me, Buster.”  Brilliant foreshadowing.
  • The news ticker on the bottom of the news report announcing Buster’s arrest says “Happy Birthday to Bryce” (Ron Howard’s daughter Bryce Dallas Howard)
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