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My Favorite Smoothie

I did it!  After a few failed attempts, I finally recreated my favorite smoothie from my beloved Keva Juice.  I was inspired to try because Keva Juice in North Hills has just had their 3rd decent-sized price raise in about a year’s time.  I know they say they’re trying to cover the rising cost of […]

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Taco Raviolis!

So, a few weeks ago, I decided to try out a recipe I found on Pinterest for Taco Muffins.  They were a big success, but I had a lot of ingredients leftover afterwards.  I’m one of those people where if I don’t use or eat leftovers within a few days to a week, then they […]

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Taco Muffins!

I was feeling like I needed a new project, so I started looking around Pinterest on Sunday night to pass some time when I came across a recipe called “Weight Watchers Taco Cupcakes.”  Intrigued and looking for an excuse lately to have a margarita tacos, I clicked on the link to check it out.  It […]

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So I Made Spinach Parmesan Quinoa

Last week, I blogged about my discovery of quinoa and the easy recipe my mom showed me for making it.  I was getting a bit curious about other ways to make quinoa.  I found this recipe for Spinach Parmesan Quiona and decided to make my own variation of it, mainly leaving out the chicken stock.  […]

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Crafts & Quinoa

So I’ve been in a creative mood lately.  Making that laundry detergent sort of set off my desire to try making new things, from household goods to crafts to food.  I’ve never really been much of a chef, but lately, I’ve made chili, salmon, crab cakes, and quinoa for the first time.  Heck, on Saturday […]

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