Damien Rice: Part Duex

Update of Damien Rice show:

I heart YouTube. Here’s some more vidoes from our show. Woot woot.

  • Woman Like a Man – set the tone for the rest of the night. Gets more intense towards the end.
  • Insane – It’s only part of it, but I didn’t get any of the song on video so have fun.
  • 9 Crimes – Honestly, the song got lost in translation, still good but sounded better live.
  • The Blower’s Daughter – I got most of the song, but if you wanted to see the end of it, here ya go.
  • Cannonball – This completely unplugged version will break your heart. I can’t even stress how much you need to watch this if you’re a Damien Rice fan.
  • Amie – Not the crazy part at the end, but still bad ass.
  • Eskimo Friends – Not the biggest fan of the song, but still well done.
  • Rootless Tree – God, I love this show. Here’s much more of it than I got.
    • *Not from the show I saw, but from the 2nd night at Beacon Theatre: they closed with “Cheers, Darlin’” and Damien & Lisa (and the rest of ’em) are just guzzling wine. It’s priceless. Damn, I wish I could’ve gone both nights. 🙂

      Rolling Stone‘s review.

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