Silver Lining

Things that are awesome about a day that was not so awesome:

  • lost-musicvol1-proofThe Lost Podcast Music, Vol. I: 2005-2007 is now for sale on iTunes!!!  Link below.  Go buy it if you’re a Jay and Jack fan because mama wants a nice honeymoon! (Just kidding, I probably will see a small amount of that money in the form of a bottle of wine or a visit to the Cheesecake Factory – I’m a simple creature who likes food and spirits.)  Anyway, go check it out:
  • Jay and Jack were featured in another article.  This time it was the LA Times.  Here’s the link:
  • Alex aka @audiblylost got to ask a question during the Times Talk event with Damon Lindeloff, Carlton Cuse, Michael Emerson and Jorge Garcia.  Jay and I went loudly, “HEY IT’S ALEX!! OH MY GODDDD!!!” when we saw him.  He asked the last question of the night and he represented the podcasting community, which was sick nasty.  Even if he hadn’t done that, it was still so awesome.  If you haven’t seen Alex’s trailer for the Lost podcasting documentary he is working on, click here to check it out:
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