Princess & the Pup

So I spent much of the week following the ‘Divas Take Manhattan‘ adventure being mega-stressed over the whole “real job” hunt. That Wed., Jan. 10, Norton & I finally got our shit together to do the podcast. Here’s the website. Click here if you want to download us on iTunes. It’s fun. We’ve only put out 3 episodes so we’re still trying to find our groove. I’m having a good time doing it, so I hope that it really takes off. 🙂
That weekend, I ventured into dirrrty Jersey to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the birth of Princess Cupcake Assface Randy. I had to wait until after the Colts game to get there because Princess is a little fanatical. But being that Randy’s the male version of me, I knew how I’d react if someone wanted to be entertained while I was trying to watch a Yankees playoff game so I understood. I was just praying that they won so that he wouldn’t be sulking like a pissy little emo girl all night. Then again, Princess Cupcake Assface’s in a constant state of pissy little emo girl, so maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference. Anyway, the Greens got an adorable new puppy, Michaela, who’s about the size of Strider’s head. SO adorable. She shit all over the house that night so that his dad had to walk around the house in a bathrobe at 2:30am cleaning up dog shit, but she was still fun.
We ended up going out to some bar in central Jersey – 507, I think? We went with a bunch of his friends – Laura, Scott, Mike & Bob and met up with Mike Rispoli from Marist. Bars close at 2am in NJ, which is strange since they close at 4am in NY. GOSH, they can’t pump their own gas, they can’t get their own identity & they have last call at 1:30am? Ohhh, New Jersey…
Yay! Birthdays! Bar! Beer! Exclaimation points to show enthusiasm!
Princess Cupcake Assface is half Wookie & it’s gross.
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