The Angri-Storey Party Story

Alright! So last Thurs. (Jan. 18), I made my way up to Potown for the big Angrisani-Storey 21st birthday gala. I got up there around 6:30ish & made a beeline for the Palace. I miss that glorious diner goodness. Being that I cannot cook for shit, I used to get takeout from there a couple times a week, especially since I lived right down the road last year. Mmmm sweet potato pancakes & turkey egg-white omlets with sweet potato fries. Sigh.
Moving on. I killed some time by going to the Galleria. Did that weird thing I do when I want to kill time (try on prom/formal dresses). Heard some 14-yr-old girl in the dressing room talking about how she was going to meet up with some 24-yr-old guy she met on MySpace. I wanted to go up to her & shake her til she understood just how much that was a really stupid idea. I set off to Rachel’s to chill with her & Will (their wedding is only 9 months away – craaaaazy). We watched quality NBC Thurs. night comedy. Speranza joined us with tales of her new wild & crazy life as a single gal. She’s too hot for her own good, haha. xoxo. I left for campus around 11:15.
I had fun, but as I walked in, I saw Joey, who said something along the lines of, “What? Are you still trying to relive your college days?” It was innocent, but it still made me feel a little weirded out. I’m really not trying to do that; I’m just still good friends with both Matt & Eddie and they drove all the way to my house for my grad party last June, so why shouldn’t I celebrate their bdays? I wish Eddie (G) had come with me, like he would have if he hadn’t had final dress rehearsal. I ended up talking to Phil, Mark Heftler, Lorenzo-I-mean-Zeus-to-my-Hera, & some of Matt’s friends from home outside for a long time. I may be sworn to secrecy, but Phil’s writing another play (this time a full length) & there’s totally a part in it for me (I’ve decided, of course). Yesssss Gods, In General/Speed Demons take 3, ahem.
I stayed at Crissy’s that night (as I do every time I go up to visit; I really need to do something to show my appreciation since half the time, I don’t even see her til I show up between 1:30-3:30am begging for a couch). I barely drank at the party (I really was just there for the guys & not to get trashed at a college house party), so I had no problems getting up early the next morning to go for a little run on my old route & then sneak into the gym & use the pool to do some laps. I haven’t done a swimming workout since I was trying to get into shape for all the skimpy Rocky Horror Show costumes & I kinda miss it. So yay Marist, yay Matt & Eddie, yay Phil, Lorenzo & Mark, yay Crissy, yay Rach, Will & Steph, & any other really gay things I can ‘yay’ (yay Palace!).
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