Parking Tickets Also Suck

Things That I Will NOT Miss About Astoria:

  1. Parking tickets.
  2. Moving my car on Tuesday & Wednesdays nights (or early Wednesday & Thursday mornings)
  3. No air conditioning
  4. Paying rent

The list of things I’ll miss is way bigger, but my zillion-dollar parking ticket from yesterday morning was really fucking fantastic, let me tell you.

Did I mention that Jay & I started up a site called John Mayer Did What as a joke? I was really good at keeping up with it for a while there, then it got lost in the shuffle of all the insanity of the last month. I’m going to try to do it on a regular basis again. I’m only mentioning it now because the last few (I thought) have been funny (if it’s your humor, because it’s way dumb humor) and the one that I did today was in honor of the Lost season finale. I want to see how fast a dumb site like that can spread, so let’s spread the love…or something…

I’m going to see Billy Joel later at Mohegan Sun with my sisters. I’m not going to get home til like 2am, then I refuse to not watch the Lost finale right away. I’m going to be incredibly cranky tomorrow between not sleeping at all and knowing that I’m in the crunch time for packing. Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it…

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