R.I.P. StarkedNY

I actually have some sad news. After 2 years of editing StarkedNY, I’ve just very suddenly found out that the blog is being canceled by the network that owns it. I loved maintaining that site and it was such a sudden notice, that I can’t help but be really sad over losing it. I know that it’s not the only site to be closed down in the network. Blame it on the economy or the stats or my base pay was too high, but it still kinda sucks. That blog helped me pay my rent when I wasn’t working for those 2 months and before that, it was how I paid for NC visits and Comic Con this year and last year. I guess now I have to find something else to supplement that income. Originally, I was given a 2 week notice to end on August 14 (ironically the very first day I started editing it back in 2006). I was told a warning email came 2 weeks prior to that, but I never received it. When I questioned her, my channel editor said that she had sent this notice to me last Monday (conflicting with the ‘2 week earlier’ story the head boss emailed me), but I checked my spam, trash & inbox again and still it wasn’t there. On Sunday, I was told to “disregard” that 2 week notice and it was actually a ONE DAY notice. A “miscommunication” that I think is somewhat unprofessional. I’ve sent an email to the big boss to get clarification on StarkedNY’s final day, but thus far, have not heard anything back. I understand how times are and how businesses work, but still the way it was handled – I never once yelled at anyone or said, “This isn’t fair” and still don’t intend to do that at all, so why am I being ignored for a simple question? – makes me feel as though they don’t really respect their bloggers at all. What is it with the world today that everyone treats each other like crap?

However, I’m very grateful that the second blog I picked up for the network was not canceled.

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