Bring on the Week

So man, this past weekend really did its best to bring me back down to reality after an awesome past couple of weeks.  On Friday, my uncle passed away.  Saturday morning, I awoke to more sad news: My aunt, who was at my uncle’s bedside, had to put her beloved black lab Foster to sleep.  Foster would have been 15 this year.  The death of a pet is horrible enough, but combined with the death of a loved one, it is the recipe for extremely sad.  I used to dog sit for Foster in the years before I moved to Raleigh.  She was a wonderful dog.

On Saturday afternoon, Jay & I went to see The Dark Knight Rises.  More on that in a future post.  When we got home Saturday evening, we had plans for me to finish recording the remainder of MetroBuzz that couldn’t be finished on Friday evening & then watch Batman Begins.  This didn’t happen nearly the way it was supposed to.  First, just as I signed onto Skype at 8:00pm, we had a huge thunderstorm that knocked out the Internet.  So, John & Mike had to wait on me to get it working again.  Then, as I left my phone unattended to work on fixing the Internet (it took multiple tries to reset it & get it working), I missed a phone call from Bank of America.  Before I even saw the missed call, I hear Jay call out, “When did you spend $100 at a store in NJ?”  I had no idea what he was talking about.  Over the next few minutes, we watched as someone who had gotten a hold of my BoA checking card number went through all but $50 of what was in the account.  Luckily, we rarely use BoA & that account didn’t have a huge amount of money in it.  I still don’t understand how someone got a hold of the number of a debit card that I haven’t used in 9 months, but whatever.  People are assholes, plain and simple.

On Sunday, we noticed that Zoe had been spending way more quality time in her litter box than she usually does.  On Friday & Saturday, we had made some jokes about her being a “super pooper.”  Sunday morning, we contemplated whether or not she was constipated and if that was the reason she was just walking into her litter box and standing there.  It wasn’t until mid-day Sunday that I realized that she may have a urinary track infection (UTI).  I took her to a local animal hospital as a walk-in (her usual one isn’t open on Sundays) and they diagnosed her to the best of their abilities as having a UTI.  I say this because she basically lost her shit when they tried to get a urine sample directly from her bladder and then for 2 hours refused to go when they made her drink then tried to get her to go the “natural” way.  So, although she isn’t 100% diagnosed, her behavior patterns match up with a UTI.  Such bad timing.  I won’t be around to give her all of her doses when I’m in NY for Uncle Fred’s funeral & Jay is in Texas for training until the beginning of August.

Long story short, the weekend kinda blew.  Uncle died, a family pet died, our money got stolen, and the cat needs antibiotics.  What terrible timing!  I guess it’s true what they say: When it rains, it pours.  But they also say to bring on the rain and I’m still here & alive with a husband and kitty who need me, so bring on this week!

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