Oh where, oh where can my ring be found?

So in the last 2 days, I’ve

  1. Lost my ring. It fell off of my desk yesterday morning and when I realized what fell, I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE. I’ve taken apart my bed, bed frame, sheets, radiator, gone through the garbage, gone through every drawer that was open (and closed), all my clothes, taken every single item out of my closet, and even gone through the laundry & entire garbage, since today was a garbage day & my room’s garbage got consolidated with the house’s garbage. It’s absolutely nowhere. Even my parents have now admitted (they and my sister have helped search my room and the house yesterday and today) that it seemingly has fallen off of my desk & disappeared into thin air. I’m beyond upset because that ring had such special meaning to me; I actually asked God this morning to “Take my iPod instead.” Yeah, THAT’S how much I mean business. I just don’t get it: something falls on the floor; you HEAR it fall, yet it disappears completely. Does anyone have any other suggestions on where I can look?
  2. After waking up every hour last night after dreaming of places I found my ring, then getting up to check to see if it was prophetic or not, I finally got up at 7am & searched everything, including the garbage, again. I took a break to take a walk through the woods near my house, only to realize after an hour, with about 10 minutes til I got back to my car, that I did not have my car key with me. Thinking that it was lost somewhere in the woods, I called my sister Katelyn, who came with spare keys. The key was sitting on the seat the entire time, but I still had to wait til she came bc I was locked out.
  3. Temporarily lost my sunglasses before leaving for work. Found them after much searching on the seat of my car. Was still 8 minutes late for work.
  4. This post has taken ages to write. Why? Because I’m a dumbass who spilled beer on her computer keyboard while still looking for her ring & the “S” key does not work correctly now. This is what happens: swswsssssssssssssssswswssssssss asw (that should say “was” here is “say”: sway). If you’re going to cause my computer to further deteriorate, world, then at least let me look down on the ground right now and see my ring shining brightly up at me. Nope, nothing.

I’m leaving for Raleigh tomorrow morning on US Airways from LGA at 9:05am & returning home Monday morning on at 7am flight for work at 11am. It’s gonna rain all weekend. Wish me luck, karma, prayers, etc.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to buy a lottery ticket.

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