A Heap of Gratitude

I know I must seem like an overemotional nut to have spent literally the entire day yesterday crying over a sick dog but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent good thoughts this way.  We’re picking Strider up at 4pm. He responded to the short term treatment (oxygen), the fluid is out of his lungs & now we take it day by day til we know if the long term heart treatments will buy him some extra, pain-free time.  That is so much better than being unprepared to hear what we heard yesterday (if the short term treatment did not work by this afternoon, then he wouldn’t last the weekend).

Anyway, I did what I do best and rambled a little bit of a thank you.  I wish I could blame the nonsensical yakking on being completely emotionally drained, but we all know that I go on and on even when I’m in tip top shape (see: every other post on this blog from the last 2.5 years).

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