For V-Day ’09, I Got Drunk With My Grandma. For Reals.

I’m in NY til Strider gets out of the hospital.  He hasn’t thrown up in over 24 hours but refuses to eat anything more than some carrots at the hospital. Well apparently in the 10 minutes it took me to download the pictures below & type the rest of this post, Strider threw up for the first time since early Saturday morning.

Here’s the two pictures that my dad sent us from his cell phone – my parents went for “visiting hours” 7-9pm.  On a side note, isn’t it hilarious when parents and grandparents get into texting and sending pictures via text?  My dad will text us during Yankee games when we aren’t home & he’s so adorable – he’ll spend half the inning typing out the text for one play and by the time he’s sent it, a whole new play has come & gone that he’s missed!



So yeah, I was going to leave yesterday & didn’t and was basically in a state of pathetically embarrassing depression over missing Valentines’ Day.  If he came home last night, I would have gone today but he threw up yesterday morning & still would not eat at all, so then I was planning on going tomorrow.  But apparently he is still not coming home til at least tomorrow night, so I guess Tuesday’s the new plan.  I’ll have to leave at 3am (literally) to avoid traffic from here to Washington, D.C. (yesterday & today = weekend; tomorrow = federal holiday = not much traffic).  That’s going to…suck.  I’m adding 2 hours to my journey to go straight to Jay’s school for the first day that I’m there, making it a total of 12 hours driving.

But anyways, fingers crossed that it all works out.  Otherwise, I guess I just gotta roll with it and figure out what to do.  Hope everyone reading this had a nice Valentines’ Day/weekend!

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