‘Lost’ Podcasting Downfall: The Great Name Debate

So after Comic Con, Jay & I fostered one of Heather’s kittens for a night while we found her a home with my co-worker’s sister-in-law.  This kitten was the runt of her litter & super tiny.  She was absolutely adorable and actually really liked me (animals liking me better than Jay just doesn’t happen).  She fell asleep in my arms that night.  Poor Zoe had a temper tantrum over the kitten being there for a night & refused to come out of the man cave for the day.  I felt really badly actually but it was only for a night, so we decided to just let her sulk and deal with it lol.

Here’s an idea of how small she was:



But perhaps the coolest thing was Jay & I taught her how to play Uzu on the iPad.  She was fascinated by the iPad:


So anyway, this all leads into something, I promise.  We didn’t want to get too attached to her, so we didn’t give her a name (her new owners named her Audrey).  I did, however, go on a name meaning site and start looking up some names just to see what would be a nice name to suggest to her new mom.  Idk, I like doing things like that.  I got super involved in looking at different names and then looking up where my name, Jay’s, my sisters, Jay’s sisters, etc. fell in popularity over the last few years.  I was looking at a list of the Top 1,000 names, too, for both boys and girls.  I’m not one of those people who has all their baby names picked out years in advance, mainly because I think that’s bad luck to do that.  But that’s just me.

The following exchange took place later on:

Me: “I like the name Jacob.  That’s not a bad name.”

Jay: “Eehhh, Jacob? I don’t know.  Could be too…I don’t know if I could use the name Jacob.”

Me: “Why not? Twilight fever won’t last forever.  People won’t associate that Jacob with Twilight in like 5 years.”

Jay <Pause, incredulous look>: “I don’t care about Twilight.”

Me: “Then what’s the big deal?!”

Jay <slowly>: “Lost…?”

Me <Beat>: “OH YEAH!!”

So here’s my question.  Since Jay’s got that whole Lost Podcast thing, does this mean that any Lost name is out of the picture for us to use in the future?  I think that pets are one thing, but is it fair to subject our future children to a Lost name that we just happen to like when they’ll probably spend the rest of their lives avoiding Comic Con so people don’t go “You’re JAY’S kid?! And your name is Ben?  How adorable!  Smile creepy for us, little Ben!  How’s Hurley doing, little Ben?” or “Hey, little Charlotte! Do you have a bloody nose? Would you like a chocolate bar?”

I think that’s why celebrities give their kids such f*cked up names.  They have to go for a name that can never be associated with any project they’ve ever worked on or character they’ve ever played lol.  Let’s face it: Jennifer Aniston could never have a kid named Rachel.  So that’s what I’ve been wondering for the last week and a half.  What do you think about it?

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