1 Hour, 23 Minutes

Wow, so this afternoon was absolutely crazy!  First the LOST Finale Party tickets went up on eBay at 1pm EDT.  I always knew that they would sell out and I predicted all along that they’d be sold out by Sunday, March 28.  Well, the orchestra seats sold out within 15 minutes and by 2:23pm EDT, they were completely sold out.  And to think that Jay didn’t even think they’d sell out at all.  Ha, I told you so babe 🙂


Jay’s biggest fear when we found out that Global Cash Card wasn’t going to be allowed to charge for the tickets (they wanted to use the money from ticket sales towards paying the HUGE cost for the venue) was that everyone would get 4 tickets even if they only needed one and then people who really wanted to go wouldn’t get any.  Then he was really nervous that the scalper’s would come out.  This has been something that has worried him since they got the final details on Tuesday night.  Within 15 minutes of tickets selling out, there was already one for sale on eBay for $10, which the seller claimed was “the price that was paid for them through Ticketmaster.”  Boston saw the post too and we were irate.  Jay was upset because all anyone involved in planning this wants is for everyone to get together as the amazing community LOST is and watch the final episode together.

I’ve put together a post on YuBlog.org where hopefully anyone who has some extra tickets will be able to contact those on there who were unable to get any.  If you are reading this and have any extra tickets or need one, please go there.  I know that some people are upset at Jay and Jack for making the tickets free, but I just want to clear the record for good and say that the did not “make them” free.  The plan was to charge for tickets and then use some of that money towards paying the cost to rent the venue and the rest of the money to donate.  The venue did not want GCC to sell the tickets at all because of some legal issues about showing the episode & charging money for entry.  So they made it free because they are aware of the other expenses that people are paying to get there.

So right before I discovered that tickets were sold out, I was on the phone…with the priest who is going to marry us in NY!  We have an official wedding date, yayyyy!!!  We made a super lame-dork video for our wedding website to announce it but SPOILER ALERT it’s April 29, 2011.

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