Omicron Got (Some of) Us

A little over a month ago, I was feeling anxious and wrote about how it felt like the walls were closing in on our household. Last week, Covid-19 finally, officially, reached Casa de Glatfelter. [I say officially because we are pretty sure Jay had a pretty decent case of covid back in February 2020 but since it was before we knew there was wide community spread in the US and there was no testing, we’ll never know for sure.]

So yes. Jay and Zach both tested positive for Covid-19 a week, week-and-a-half ago. Based on their mild symptoms, we believe they had the Omicron variant. We aren’t totally sure where they got it but the most likely timeframe was two weeks ago on Saturday the 15th, when we went to see Monster Truck Rally in Greensboro, NC, or right after we left when Jay went to visit a friend who owned a store nearby and that friend tested positive for Covid a few days later. But honestly, we’ll never know for sure.

Regardless, we’re grateful that they both had mild cases. Zachary had a cough and stuffy nose that lasted a few days. Jay had exhaustion, a slightly-sore throat, and was achy. He said the side effects from his booster (his first two shots were Pfizer, his booster was Moderna) were much worse and even the exhaustion wasn’t at the level as it was when he was sick in Feb. 2020. And thank God for that because I remember how sick he was for a good two weeks back then, with exhaustion and shortness-of-breath lasting even longer.

Oddly enough, Alex and I never tested positive. I don’t know how we got lucky. Maybe we’d had it before but were asymptomatic. Maybe the vaccines worked and Jay didn’t shed enough virus to get us sick. (Zach was at Jay’s parents for the week so we weren’t around him until Friday and gave him the Covid-pregnancy test after he got home.) Maybe Alex had it when he was sick during Christmas after all and I built up some additional antibodies from then. Again, we’ll never know. But if Covid does come for me and Alex, I hope we’re as lucky as Jay and Zach were.

Stay safe and healthy out there, everyone!

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