¡Viva la Mexico! (at least until May 8, 2011)

I know I already announced this on our wedding website, I officially booked our honeymoon on Friday!  We are going to be going to Riviera Maya, Mexico and staying at the Excellence Riviera Cancun from May 1 – 8, 2011.

On Twitter, a few people asked me why we didn’t choose to honeymoon in Hawaii, since we always said we wanted to do that.  The answer?  It was too expensive for us right now, not all-inclusive, and would require us to be gone for a good two weeks, which wasn’t going to work since it’d require me to take 3 weeks off from work then and that just wasn’t going to be feasible at all.  To be honest, the two weeks I’m taking now for wedding preparations/honeymoon in addition to the two days I’m taking in January to go to the Harry Potter Theme Park and the day after Thanksgiving/day before Christmas Eve all mean that there’s a very, very likely chance that I won’t be able to go to Comic Con 2011.  I only get 2 weeks vacation/year and it accrues every pay period. Rules at work have changed that now you can’t take any unpaid days off like you could in the past.  So yeah, the time off and the non-all-inclusive is what led to the decision to go to Mexico.  One of my co-workers and Chris in Boston went to Riviera Maya for their honeymoons last year and another co-worker went there for a vacation in June.  They all spoke highly of it.  My friend Sara recommended the Excellence resort since she honeymooned at the one in Playa Mujeres last year and that’s how it all came together.

Though funny enough, Sara & TJ just got back from a last minute anniversary trip to Excellence Riviera Cancun and I hope Sara doesn’t mind but here’s two pics she took of the resort and posted on Facebook:



I think it looks AWESOME and I cannot wait!

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