Apparently US Airways Rewards You For Flying With Them By Canceling Reservations

I’m leaving to go to dinner and see a  movie with Jay in a few minutes, but here’s a little update on my apparently not-dead airline curse.  If you missed my story yesterday, I had a bit of a problem getting to Raleigh from LaGuardia Airport because there was a “mechanical problem” that was apparently undetected until they decided to do a maintenance check of my plane as we were boarding.  We had to wait around, not knowing if we’d be able to leave NY or not, until they found us another plane to take us here.

Well, I go to check in for my 7am flight tomorrow morning around 11am this morning and there’s a problem with my confirmation number.  My reservation apparently did not exist.  Upon calling customer service at US Airways, I was told that because I failed to make my flight out of New York, my tickets for my return flight were cancelled by US Airways.  First, she made it sound like I hadn’t checked in on time for my flight there, which was bull because I checked in at 11:56am Friday for my 11:55am flight Saturday.  I explained to her exactly what happened to that flight and said I’d scan a picture of my boarding pass from LGA and email it to her as proof.  She put me on hold for several minutes.  When she finally came back, she had put me back on my flight back to NY.
Thank God it all worked out, but seriously, how ridiculous is that?  Like, are they going to have to find spots for all of us on that flight from yesterday because we all lost our return trip reservations or am I just the cursed one?  And how on EARTH did they make a mistake not knowing that one of their planes actually FLEW SOMEWHERE?!
I really cannot be late to work at 11am tomorrow morning, so think happy thoughts for me to NOT have any problems tomorrow morning!!
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