Tis the season to be jolly and joyous (fa la la)

My family and I made sugar cookies last night.  Ever since we were very young, my mom has loved to make it a family affair.  Katelyn will cut out shapes, Christie & I will decorate, my mom will roll the dough and my dad will be in charge of taking cookies in & out of the oven.  We’re our regular own sugar cookie factory.

Everything all set up:


Everyone at work at their assigned tasks:


Every year, I decorate a few snowmen like they’re actual snowmen.  I only made one this year but here he is:


My sister wanted me to take a picture of the Christmas tree that she decorated.  So here it is, recorded for posterity:


Finally, here’s a picture of the happy bakers.  I wasn’t going to put this up at all because as usual, I look absolutely terrible next to my hot sisters, but I already gots a man so why not just finish out the set?


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