Colleen Vs. the Bedpost/Jack Vs. the Crack

Yeah so this post started out being all about how I’m newly obsessed with smoothies from Keva and want to make my own at home and sometime while writing it, I managed to trip over a suitcase in my bedroom and smash my toe into the metal leg of my bed.  Naturally, that turned into a pity party for myself on the floor of my bedroom, then over Twitter and now on here!  Soooo, I’m going to copy and paste what I had written a mere half hour ago and just set it to publish for tomorrow.  I don’t want my smoothie goodness tainted by this post that’s now turned into bruised toes and ass cracks.

Thus said, here’s my poor little swollen, bruised and throbbing toe.  It’s not as bad or bad ass as Kolkie’s Purple Foot but it’s mine!

[After the jump in case you’re grossed out by feet]


It’s a good thing that tomorrow is a swimming day because I don’t think working out in sneakers would be much fun lol.  Not to be gross (okay, I am the girl who posted pictures of her bloodied and stitched up finger back in the day, so really you shouldn’t be surprised), but I may lose that nail when all is said and done.  I’m glad that I still have 87 days til the wedding for it to grow back. 🙂

Also, I need to give mad props to Sara on Facebook for noticing what was wrong in this picture I took of Jack at Carrabbas the other night:plumberscrackatcarrabbas

Now that is a f*cking photo bomb that even Boston couldn’t have beat.

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