Keepin’ It Interesting and Clever.

So last night, about 10 minutes after I posted my last blog post, I decided to blow dry my hair.  Jay and I didn’t record ChuckCast last night, so I had some spare time.  I figured I’d make some effort and straighten my hair to look decent for work today.  I’m in the middle of reading The Hunger Games trilogy and was reading the second book, Catching Fire, while drying my hair.  I didn’t want to stop so I was still reading as I turned around to walk out of the bathroom.  WELL.  The door was neither totally closed nor totally open and I walked right into it!  YUP.  I’m such a freaking spazy klutz that I walked into a door and skinned my damn finger within an hour of nearly breaking my toe.  Needless to say I learned my lesson about not recording on schedule!  So yeah.  That’s been my last 24 hours.  At least I keep things interesting.

Moving on.  This afternoon, I discovered an AWESOME gift for Jay.  I’m going to post a picture here because I already showed him and Clif and my coworkers because I thought it was so funny.  If you recall my Summer 2010 posts, Jay makes his world-famous Jaygers (hamburgers done Jay-style).  They are delicious.  I was looking around for something else and I came across this by complete chance:

monogrammed-branderHOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT?!  That particular site is kinda expensive but I’m sure I can find it for cheaper on the Internet.  I want to get Jay ones that say J-A-Y and then he can brand them in the meat and they can actually be real Jaygers!  hahahahaha, I’m so awesome.

Still trying to get to bed before midnight.  Jay & I have to meet with a couple from the Catholic Church tomorrow evening about our FOCCUS questions so I have to make sure I get my booty to the gym in the morning BEFORE work (booooooo).  I used to get up before 6am to workout if need be back when I was a youngin’ in my early 20’s but nowadays when I’m 6 days away from turning 27, it’s not as easy to get up.  But I want to look nice for our wedding so I guess I better suck it up.  Right now, I kinda want to reset my alarm to normal time so we’ll see what happens.  Wed/Thurs I usually take off but we’ll be in NY this weekend so Fri-Mon I may not get any exercise in at all.  Why do we have to make exercise so important in daily life?  Yup and that’s my tired ass’s cue to go to bed!

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