Engagement Pictures Preview

Two weeks ago, Jay and I had our engagement pictures shot by our wedding photographer, Ken Hild.  I’ve seen a lot of pictures that Ken has done for people that I know and that I don’t know and they always turn out amazing.  I was really excited when we decided to go with Ken as our photographer.

We had our pictures taken on Friday, March 25 around 6pm in down Port Jefferson, NY (on Long Island).  It. Was. FREEZING.  Luckily, Ken kept things moving along.  Because it was so cold that evening (38 degrees and we were on the water, where there was a breeze too), my sister Katelyn kindly lent me her Michael Kors trenchcoat to wear over my dress.  I had been trying to decide between this dress and the pink one that I wore to the Lost Finale Party in LA but went with this one because I hadn’t ever worn it before lol and after I tried it on, I was too cold to change again haha.

Anyway, I think we did a decent job of controlling our chattering jaws and the fact that by the time the last picture was taken, we had lost feeling in our lower limbs completely lol.  It was still a lot of fun and we’re really looking forward to working with Ken for the wedding.  Everyone please pray for 70+ degree weather on Long Island come April 29!!

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