Check Out “The 36”!

 Hey guys, so I suppose this will especially catch the interest of all my Lost friends out there.  Kris White, who produced The Official Lost Podcast, has written a graphic novel called “The 36” [link to website here].  “The 36” is based on Jewish mythology about the belief within Kabbalism that there are 36 crucial people within the world.  The description is better put by the author himself: 

The Kabbalists say that there are 36 people in the world upon whom it is saved by their simple existence. In times of need, these people emerge from anonymity and save us, then fade back into their lives. They are, in essence, shamar’im — or guards — of humanity.

Noam, our hero, is one of those people. Armed with the fabled staff of Moses (used to split the Red Sea), Noam would love nothing more than to fade into anonymity; he just doesn’t know what he has to do to finish his duty as the 36th Shamar.

Definitely check out to see not only a trailer for the graphic novel, but to read the first five pages, as well.  You can also Like “The 36” on Facebook here.

Finally, Kris is looking for sponsors to help back the financing of his graphic novel so if you wouldn’t mind, head over to his page on and look over some of the pledging options if you’d like to consider becoming a backer.  Let’s help out a fellow member of the Lost community and spread the word about “The 36.”

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