That Time My Sister Ran into De Niro & Stallone.

Jay and I have been very fortunate to run into celebrities while at San Diego Comic Con, but my sister and Jeremiah #2 seriously have to gift of random celeb encounters.  Saturday morning, Katelyn texted me:

A few minutes ago, she emailed me the link to this picture.  You can see Jer in the green shirt & Yankees cap in the background and part of Kate’s face & legs right behind him.

Yeah, a celeb siting in NYC is no big deal (I used to occasionally see SNL cast members on the streets when I worked in NYC) at all BUT it’s pretty funny to have it captured on cameras by the paparazzi lol.  Okay I need to go to bed now.  I owe it to myself to write a post with more personal substance sometime this week since I have been doing a lot of reviews & video/picture-based posts lately!

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