I feel the Earth move under my feet…

So I experienced my first earthquake today and I didn’t even have to go all the way to Comic Con to do so.  My experience wasn’t all that exciting but I am kinda excited that I felt my first earthquake so I figured I’d write it down here for posterity.  Someday, my grandkids can read about my first earthquake experience.  [Editor’s note: This actually is my second earthquake; On July 29, 2008, there was an earthquake in California but Jay & I were driving back from Anaheim at the time and I totally missed it so it doesn’t count.]

So anyway.  Everything here in my office started shaking – the windows, the desks, etc.  It was fairly intense, so I said to my co-worker Patty, “What the f*ck is that?!”  She said, “I don’t know.  I feel it too.”

Then after another 5 seconds she goes, “I think we’re having an earthquake.”

I replied, “No way, they’re probably just doing more construction in the parking lot.”  So I went to the window and of course poked myself in the eye with the blinds trying to look outside hahaha.  Then the shaking stopped and we thought it was weird but had a walk-in patient come in right after that so we forgot about the whole thing for a minute.  It wasn’t until Jay called me 2 minutes later, exclaiming, “Did you just feel that earthquake?!” that Patty was vindicated!  My mom called a few minutes after that and she felt it pretty good on Long Island too.

I have to say, it was trippy.  I know that everyone who lives on the West Coast and other more active fault lines are rolling their eyes at us and telling us to calm the F down, but whatever!  Earthquakes aren’t something we experience every day, so if we want to be a little bit excited about it, then we are going to be.  Plus, it wasn’t a devastating earthquake, just some intense shaking, so it’s not like anyone is taking pleasure while others are massive damage/loss.  (But if you’re one of those people who is taking it way too seriously on running around in a panic  on Facebook, then chill out.)

And that’s the story of my first earthquake, grandchildren.

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