Our Lucky Walk

One of the things that Jay decided to do for Lent this year is to go for one of “my” walks with me at least every Sunday.  “My” walks are long.  One of my favorite things to do is listen to my iPod and walk or hike around for hours.  I can walk anywhere.  I just like walking.  This doesn’t always make me the most popular person to walk with and that’s fine; I like my me time.  However, I am glad that Jay’s showing an interest in walking with me.  I’m even more happy when he actually walks and isn’t spending half the time texting his co-workers 😉

Anyways, on Sunday, we went for a walk and as we were walking, there were patches of clovers everywhere.  Being that Saturday was St. Patrick’s Day, we were talking about 4 leaf clovers: finding them as kids, how they were a mutation, looking them up and reading about how they’re supposedly found 1 in every 10,000 clovers.  We looked briefly at one patch of like a gazillion before we realized that it was never gonna happen, plus we needed to get back home to get ready to go out for Jay’s family birthday dinner.  We walked along for another few minutes when Jay called out, “Hey! I found one!”  He had looked down while we were walking, focused on a little strip of really large clovers and happened to see one with 4 leaves!  I turned around and walked back towards where he had stopped and looked down and spotted another one right there, about a foot away from where he was standing!  What are the odds, right?

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