Programming Note

Sorry I haven’t done any promised updates. It’s been a tad busy and I’ve been distracted by using every free minute over the past week to study for a test I had on Thursday that I needed to do well on. There were several times when I thought about blogging but each time I felt guilty about doing something other than studying and didn’t do it. Yeah, weak, I know.

Anyway, this weekend – today at noon EST thru tomorrow at 6pm EST – is Jay and Jack’s 5th Annual Podcast for Autism Speaks, so that’s where I’ll be for the next two days, though perhaps I can get a few posts out in the downtime. Please consider donating towards my old podcast MetroBuzz tomorrow morning between 9-11am. We’ll come back and do a reunion show if we can raise $2,000 in our name.

Blogging should be back up and running this week, for real this time. My next big test isn’t until April 30.

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