To Armpocket!

About a month ago, I wrote a blog post inquiring if any of you out there had heard about or were using ArmPocket.  Well, I gave ArmPocket a shot and honestly, I completely recommend it to anyone on here who is looking for an armband to store their lose items while working out.  Let me try to tell you about ArmPocket through some pictures.

So Armpocket comes in three models: The Aero i-10, the Sport i-20, and the Xtreme i-30. I got the Xtreme i-30, which looks like this.  It actually comes in a bunch of different colors, including black and pink, but since I’ve been in such a huge neon yellow workout gear kick lately, I decided to go with this color.

Inside, there are different pockets to put your smaller items in, like money, a credit card, keys, a gym fab, etc.  It’s actually lined to protect what’s inside of it from getting water damage if you get caught in the rain.  As you can see from the little recycle logo in the picture, Armpocket is eco-friendly.  The fabric on the front of it is actually made from recycled plastic bottles.

Since I still use my trusty iPod Nano instead of being a cool kid and streaming podcasts & music through my iPhone, I needed an Armpocket big enough fit both my phone and iPod comfortably in it.  I think that any of the models may have worked for this, though.  My big “problem” was making sure I had a large enough model that would fit my iPhone in its very long LifeProof case.  Luckily, the Xtreme i-30 fits my phone, its case, and my iPod and there’s some room to spare.  This style should also fit Otterbox cases, the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy.   The touch-thru window was a lot easier to use than I thought.  Other than the normal awkwardness of trying to run or walk while also trying to control a device on your upper arm, it worked out perfectly.

I had no problem fitting everything I need to inside.  I workout-travel with my ID, a credit card or cash (I always feel its better to take that stuff with me than leave it locked in my car if I’m going to work out straight from work), my car or house key (depending on where I’m leaving from), my gym key card if I need it, my iPhone, and my iPod.

Once I was all prepped and ready to go, I attached my headphones through a hole in the bottom of it and was ready to give it a test workout.

I found it really comfortable and I’m not just saying that.  The back part and the Armpocket strap is made out of bamboo rayon mesh.  It feels really good.  I had gotten a medium sized strap and so far, that seems to be working.  I don’t have the thinnest arms in the world, but they’re not huge either.  I like that so far, they haven’t been itchy.  I have noticed that they can react with my sweat, but it hasn’t been a hindrance.  I actually like holding onto it around my hand while I walk (avoids tan lines, lol).  The second day I used it, I noticed that it felt a lot heavier than it did the day before.  That’s when I realized it was actually on upside down.  I would not recommend doing that, haha.  Anyway, I’m really glad I gave Armpocket a shot.  If you’re interested in it, you can check it out at Best Buy or just go to their website and order it from there.  There are more color and size options if you do it through the website.

If you have any questions about anything I wasn’t clear about or didn’t talk about, please let me know in the comments section.  Thanks 🙂

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