The End of the Election

FINALLY, the election is over.  No more great Facebook divide for another four years.  I took a much more removed position on the election this year because there were very strong issues about both candidates that I did not like at all.  It was amazing to see how worked up people got over certain issues while completely ignoring other issues that were just as important.  Thanks to social media, politics in America have become crazier than ever.  We may not do marches anymore, but we certainly bring it via Facebook statuses.  One of the biggest things that I noticed on social media this year was how some people spoke against a candidate for bullying while simultaneously being a bully themselves.  I really don’t see the difference in behavior, but recognize it was a result of being passionate. While I did not judge, I did find it amusing.  I saw the worst in people come out a lot this election on both sides.  But I guess that’s politics for you.

Some other random musings about the election:

  • I was shocked to learn yesterday that I’m still registered to vote in NY under my maiden name.  I kinda always assumed “they’d” run my social security number & see I was registered in another state and move my registration over.  I was also very surprised that the polling stations don’t ask to see your voter registration card or your ID.  It was a very big light-bulb moment for me yesterday when I realized just how easy it is vote as someone else.  I suddenly understood that voter fraud may not be as far fetched as I’d thought.  It would be easy for someone to vote as me in NY.
  • It felt really cool to be in a state where my vote actually mattered.  As much as every vote counts, let’s face it – because of the electoral college, you vote only really counts if you live in a swing state.  That said, everyone should vote regardless.
  • Speaking of swing states, Florida, they really need to learn how to count faster
  • I loved the Google image in honor of Election Day.
  • I still want to know why Beyonce is still registered to vote in Texas and not New York.

Anyway, I went to bed before the speeches last night, so I had to watch ’em this morning.  I figured I’d post them up here in case anyone else didn’t have a chance to watch them by now or in case they wanted to rewatch them.  Enjoy.  Now, onto Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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