10,000 Feet Up!

I’m posting this right now from my AirTran flight from Atlanta to Minneapolis.  It’s the first time I can remember ever using Wifi on a flight.  Sure, it was $10 but after spending over 4 hours in ATL with no Internet but my phone’s Internet, I figured it was worth for the next 2 hours.  I even took a picture, just because I could.


I actually almost got onto an earlier flight, but sadly, did not.  My flight from Raleigh to Atlanta landed 30 minutes early, so I was put on standby for a 12:30pm flight (it was flight 108 too!), but sadly, I was one spot away from making it on.  I think there were three of us on standby and only two seats.  Sad face.  I was hoping to get into Minneapolis early and sleep for like 3 hours, haha.  Instead, I did a lot of walking and sitting in the Atlanta airport.  I’m going to Minnesota because one of my oldest, dearest friends, Ian, is getting married tomorrow, December 29.  I’m so excited!  I bought a dress right before Thanksgiving, but I had, oh, six too many Christmas parties this past month and no longer fit into the dress!  I even bought two pairs of Spanx and it still wasn’t working out.  I ended up buying a more fun, more “me” dress yesterday instead.  It’s strapless, purple, and sparkly.  I think we’re going to get along just fine.

Not sure what my Internet situation will be in Minneapolis; the wifi card on my MacBook is starting to go and it’s rare for me to pick up a network nowadays without getting a “connection timeout” error.  I think that’s the real reason I ponied up $10 for 90 minutes of wifi – this could be my last chance at a blog post and web browser based Facebook until late Sunday night!  If I do pick up the Internet connection at my hotel, I’ll post my Les Miserables movie blog post.  I pretty much wrote the entire thing in my head at 2am on Wednesday morning, but then was too tired to write it during the day on Wednesday.  Stay tuned for that if you’re interested and even if you’re not, have a good weekend, everyone!

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