“The key to success is often the ability to adapt.”

Brace yourselves. This is the last post you’ll see on this blog. I’m going corporate. Well sort of. Within the next day or so, I’ll be pimping out a brand new website version of Ramblings of a Long Island Girl. Yay!
Much, much, much, much, much, much thanks to the fabulous Alice (aka Aliceness on Twitter) for helping me set it all up and not killing me when I had 29 million questions about what the hell she was talking about (I’m not stupid, but I swear I can’t grasp the concept of hosting still…)

But anyways, stay tuned within the next few days while stuff gets figured out. And then stay tuned within the next few weeks because I’ve got some other new stuff I’m working on too. Lots of change: new state to live in, new personal website, have to find a new job, who knows what else is in store? haha, the possibilities are endless but hopefully all good things.

Oh P.S. Jay & I watched The X-Files: I Want to Believe last night. I’ve heard lots of people just trash talk it or give generally negative reviews on it & I have to weigh in. I agree with Jana’s opinion: it would have been way better as a TV movie rather than a motion picture. The supernatural element was weak & the plot wasn’t strong enough to carry a movie. I loved having all the characters back (Yaaaaaay Skinner!), but it reminded me of a stronger episode of Fringe & a weaker (not weakest) episode of The X-Files. Also, isn’t pedophile priests soooo 2006?

I’m off to do errands & see Michael Ian Black with my Pookie in NYC tonight. I’ll leave you with Strider to say peace out to this blog:

Do not brood over your past mistakes and failures as this will only fill your mind with grief, regret and depression. Do not repeat them in the future.Swami Sivananda
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