Jan. 2013 Photo-a-Day Roundup

I admit, I didn’t do the best job keeping up with last month’s Photo-a-day.  I was just way too busy at work and my brain was in so many different directions that I was mentally exhausted when it came to being creative with each day’s topics.  I think I just really needed a break.  I did manage to do 16 out of 31 days, though.  50% is better than nothing.  Anyway, as usual, here were the days that I did for January 2013’s Photo-a-Day challenge by FatMumSlim.  Click to enlarge, hover over the picture to read the original text or captions that went with each one when it was originally posted to Instagram.  Thanks! 🙂

Day 1: Today. Finally show The Hobbit!   Day 4: The View from Here. Justifying a new lululemon purchase by going for a sunset run.  I haven't worked out in weeks.  Day 5: Movement. Clouds moving across the sky.

Day 8: Something That Starts with T. Taco Muffins! I made them last night (Jan. 7) & put the recipe on my blog.  Muy delicious.  Day 9: Paper. Just realized I never took a picture of our Christmas card display for posterity.  Day 10: 1 O'Clock. At 1:00pm, it was 65 & sunny as I left work on my lunch break.

Day 11: Water. Rain, rain, go away...  Day 12: Surprise! We got a new couch! Actually, we got a sofa/love seat set but the love seat was out of stock so we have to wait a week for it.  Day 13: Circle. This picture of the moon was taken on a walk at 9:30am. Raleigh has been so foggy lately!

Day 14: Something Yellow. Zoe's eyes.  Day 15: An Ordinary Moment. Zoe begging for something.  Day 16: Two Things. As you can see by the To Do list I made this morning, I had a lot more than two things to do at work today.

Day 17: Ready. Coffee's ready!  Day 21: What You Do. I do a lot of things but one of them is take too many pictures of Zoe doing cute things.  Day 25: Landscape. Some Raleigh landscape from a work event last Saturday.

Day 31: Yourself. I'm looking like a hot mess today, so here's a representation of what I wish I was doing right now.


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