642 Things to Write About Challenge: Week 6

642ThingstoWriteAbout-collwritesI confess that when I got to the gym for Pilates this morning, I had no idea what topic I was going to use for this week.  Overall, I haven’t felt very well this past week.  I haven’t been feeling physically sick, but I’ve had stomach pains all week, my muscles have felt fatigued, and my head won’t stop hurting no matter how many Advils or IB Profins I take.  I’ve been making an effort to go to bed by 11:30pm all week in an effort to feel better, but I stayed up til almost 1:00am last night and all day today, I’ve felt like I undid all the good I was doing in being nice to myself.  I got to class about 15 minutes early with the intention of using the time to find a topic to write about.  I opened the book to a random page and BAM!  The following topic was the first thing I saw on the page.  I figured it was too perfect not to use it, especially with it being my birthday and all yesterday.

“Your best birthday.”

I’ve had a lot of great birthdays, so it’s hard to just pick one as the answer to this week’s topic.  So, I’m cheating and listing several high lights, lol.  I’ve always been pretty fortunate as far as birthdays go.  Off the top of my head, I can’t recall ever having a terrible birthday, though I did spend most of my 23rd birthday in 2007 crying and thinking I had already failed at life.  My parents took my friend Tricia and I to a diner on Long Island.  The three of them attempted to cheer me up, but I was all sorts of emo and depressed.  I think I may have even called into the Lost Podcast line after the episode “Not in Portland” at midnight on my birthday (it aired February 7, 2007) with a theory about why women couldn’t have babies on the Island.  Oh, shoot, now I’ve gotten way off track.

So, other than in 2007, I’ve always had pretty decent birthdays.  My 24th birthday (2008) was awesome because it was the first birthday I had while dating Jay and because John had put together this really wonderful “Happy Birthday” tribute from listeners and friends of MetroBuzz.  I felt really blessed that year.  It was a huge contrast to the year before.  My 21st birthday (2005) was also a big highlight because my friends from Marist and I trekked up to SUNY Binghampton to meet up with my high school friends to celebrate Ian and my’s birthday.  Ian, for anyone unaware, is one of my best friends from high school; we were born in the same hospital on the same day.  That birthday was a lot of fun simply because it was all my high school and college friends hanging out together.  My 25th birthday (2009) was both fun and emotional.  I had a huge combo birthday and moving-away party at Stout in New York City complete with high school, college, AND podcasting friends, then hyper/drunkenly made my way to the hotel room in Downtown Manhattan where my grandparents happened to be staying that night.  It was emotional because that was when my dog Strider was sick and we didn’t know when or if he’d be able to come home from the doggie cardiologist.  God, that week leading up to my birthday SUUUUCKED but it made my actual birthday all the more celebratory.

Another one of my best birthdays would have to be my 22nd birthday (2006).  It was my senior year of college and this time, all my high school friends came to Marist.  Even my sister Katelyn came to celebrate.  It was awesome; Honestly, I just LOVE hosting parties and this was a big, awesome one.  My roommates and I set up a beer pong table in our kitchen and we all had a blast.  I was so happy to have all these people travel hours to hang out with me (and Ian, of course) to celebrate.  It was so much fun and the only casualty was the DVD rack that I fell into and spilled everything all over the floor.  Oops.  Oh, good times.  That was such a fun birthday.

Finally, I have to recognize my 27th birthday (2010), or more commonly known as “That Time I Got Engaged!”  Technically, I didn’t get engaged on my birthday; I got engaged on February 10, 2010, but Jay called my parents to ask them for their permission on my birthday.  I spent that birthday home alone here because Jay had a class at UNC Pembroke that night.  I figured it would be another boring day.  The actual day was, but when we finally got around to celebrating my birthday on the 10th (Lost was airing on Feb. 9, so we couldn’t do it that day), it ended up being the most special birthday of them all.  You can read about it in the link above.  I think I’ve babbled on way too long yet another week.  Haha, my bad.

Please feel free to share your best birthday memories in the comments section below.  I would LOVE to hear about them. 🙂

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