642 Things to Write About Challenge: Week 15

An easy one this week, because I’m a little swamped today, but I don’t want to delay until Monday again!  Leave your responses to this week’s topic in the comments section!

“Five things that always get you into trouble.” 

  1. My big mouth
  2. My impatience
  3. Indulging my anxiety
  4. Drinking too much after not eating all day
  5. My big mouth

I’ve managed to really work on numbers 2 & 4 a lot as I finish out my twenties.  I think part of my impatience stems from being a more high strung, anxiety-ridden person.  My impatience is a more external result of my panicking or worrying about things.  I have tried to work on that over the past few years.  For example, four years ago, I would’ve had a Twitter rant about missing the bus to take me into work at Duke University Medical Center or even just missing a light so I’d have to wait through a red light.  Nowadays, I think it to myself, but rarely will burden anyone else with my outburst about something that essentially is just immaturity at having to accept that I’m going to have to wait an extra fucking minute to get to where I need to go.  As far as #4 goes, I have a bad habit of either eating lightly on the day of a “big event” or party so I feel comfortable in what I wear to it.  Then, I end up chugging a drink because I’m starving, but still eating light at the party because I don’t want to “look fat.”  It’s a bad cycle.  Needless to say, I make a conscious effort to not do that anymore.  Hence why I always make a beeline to the appetizers, haha. (jk.)  Other non-vanity related examples would be running around like crazy all day and not taking the time to stop to eat or traveling all day and not eating before a situation with alcohol.

Number three is pretty much the root of every other number.  I do my best to realize that my life is not an emergency room and 99% of the time, everything will work out.  I don’t need to go completely crazy worrying about every little thing.   For example, it’s silly to sit up all night long freaking out over whether or not I sent out an e-mail at work because I can’t do anything about it until the morning, so I may as well face a possible mistake head on with a clear head.  However, at the start and end of the day, it’s almost always my big mouth that gets me into trouble.  It’s why I much prefer dealing with people over e-mail, text, etc. than in person or on the phone because I always reread what I write and can edit out what I really shouldn’t be saying.  I’m much better than I used to be, but let’s face it: Being a loud person is who I am and sometimes, you can’t keep a big mouth down. (That’s what she said.)  At least I’m 100% better at keeping secrets than I used to be, hahaha.

What about you?  What are 5 things that always get you into trouble?

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