Hello, Doormat!

Because we don’t have to be out of our apartment until September 30, we aren’t moving all of our heavy furniture to the new house until next Saturday, September 28.  We’ll be moving the smaller items ourselves over the next week.  Ah, the benefits of moving exactly 2.1 miles down the same street you live off of now.

Anyway, all has been quiet on the moving front over the past 9 days due to various reasons, but today, Jay went in and began assembling the IKEA furniture we bought for the new podcasting studio or “Studio West” as I’ve decided to call it (since we live west of where the other, original podcasting studio is in Jay’s parents’ house).  We took a field trip to Target after dinner tonight and I saw the perfect doormat.  It really spoke to me, haha.  When we went to pay for it, the cashier commented, “Oh, what an interesting choice of doormats!”


I love it.  It could only be better if it said, “Annyong!”  You can see how much smaller it is than the old doormat, hahaha.  I’ll put more pictures up as we decorate the place, but it will probably not be until next week.  Eeeeek, I can’t believe that 13 days from now, we’ll have said goodbye to our wonderful apartment that has served us so well the past 4.5 years and be officially living in our new townhouse!  I also can’t believe that I have been living in Raleigh for 4.5 years.  Man, where does the time go?  Makes me wonder where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing 4.5 years from now…


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