642 Things to Write About Challenge: Week 42

An easy one this week.  Back to “normal” next week now that things seem to be settling down a bit more now.  Going to try another creative one next week if I don’t wuss out.  Leave your answers in the comments. 🙂

Write down twenty details of your neighborhood block. 

  1. Our block of townhouses is made of eight connected homes.
  2. The house next to us is brick.
  3. Three of my neighbors have decked their houses out with Halloween decorations outside.
  4. The three decorated houses are in a row and even have Halloween lights.
  5. The front of our house looks into the backyards of our neighbor’s across the street.
  6. Four of my neighbors across the street have satellite TV dishes.
  7. One of my neighbors has an owl in the window that I mistake for a cat every time I pass it.
  8. Our neighbor across the street treats his back porch like its his front porch. He parks his car outside of it and has the numbers of his street address on the steps.
  9. Our next door neighbor has a small tree planted right in front of his house.
  10. Our next door neighbor has a crack is his driveway.
  11. Another neighbor across the street has Christmas lights on their porch.
  12. There are 16 mailboxes in our mail station.
  13. Every house on our side of the street has a big tree in front of it.
  14. There are children’s toys on a deck across the street.
  15. One of our neighbors has a Wolfpack sign on display in their yard (NC State).
  16. Every house has a porch light.
  17. My next door neighbor is the only house with a different porch light.
  18. The Wolfpack fan has potted plants out front.
  19. There are 14 visitors’ parking spots on our street.
  20. There is a no parking zone next to the mailboxes.
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