i’ve been a bad baaaad girl

I got this message in every browser I tried to open this morning:


I know that this is just a cease & desist so I’m not really worried as I will cease & desist.  I guess I learned my lesson but it still sucks since that now I’m going to have to go legit.  The only thing that confuses me is Jay & I both use Macs, so if the warning was based on IP address, why didn’t he get one too?  Thanks to Hulu & Netflix Streaming, I don’t bittorrent very often at all and last night was the first time I’ve done so probably since April or May?  I was only looking for 3 Supernatural episodes that weren’t on my DVR from Season 5!  The really crappy thing is I only dl’ed 2 of them last night and now I’m still missing an episode haha.

What do you guys do to get TV shows that aren’t available through the “proper” channels?

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