Zach’s First Bath

I know, I know; I need to make a more detailed post about Zachary’s first few weeks at home. But, I’ve been lazy and spending my “downtime” surfing the Internet, reading books, and watching my adorable son sleep. I could watch him sleep for hours – and I have, haha. I’ll get to it by this weekend, I promise. Lots of pictures.

Anyway, last night, Jay and I completed another rite of passage as parents: Baby’s First Bath. Honestly, I had put it off for a day or so longer than I should have because I was a little bit nervous about whether or not it would be traumatizing for Zach, who hates being changed. He only has three cries: “I’m hungry,” “I need a new diaper,” and “OMG I’M BEING TORTURED WITH THIS DIAPER CHANGE!” But after an incident yesterday afternoon in which someone made a poopey diaper while mommy was reading to them that was too big for the diaper and got all over mommy’s pants, the bed, and all over baby, I knew it was prooooobably time to give the kid an honest cleaning.

Turns out bathing Zachary Louis was more traumatizing for me than it was for Zach. I’m not sure if it was the vibrating tub (thank you so much, Will!!) or the warm water, but he pretty much sat there and straight chilled. I did mess up one thing, though. I forgot to wash the hooded towels we got so we could wrap him up all cute and cozy so we had to use an adult towel to dry him off. Oh well, next time…

The Before:


The spit-up stain is from his Vitamin D shot. He doesn’t spit up his food too much, thankfully.

The Bath:


No crying, just this face, haha.


The After:


A bit shellshocked, but we all survived!

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