Learning to Laugh

Zachary and I had a really great day today. We didn’t do a lot, but we had a really fun day. We played with his toys, we read some books, we went to the playground (for about 15 minutes before he had enough haha), and we visited Daddy at work.

But honestly, today was awesome because I made Zachary laugh freely several times. Usually, you can get him to giggle when you tickle him or blow raspberries on his tummy, but today, all bets were off. He even cracked up while we were being silly in the shower. I kept splashing water on my face and he would laugh when the water hit me. It was so cute. Here is a video I took at the end of the day, after we ate dinner. We were playing with his toys. I love how he’s learning to laugh freely. It’s seriously THE BEST.

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