Dolly + Miley + Pentatonix = My Favorite Jolene

I am obsessed with this version of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.” This is Dolly, Miley Cyrus, and Pentatonix performing an acapella version of “Jolene” on The Voice the other night.

When we first started dating back in 2007, Jay and I used to debate whose cover of this song was better. He always insisted that the White Stripes’ version (Jolene [Live]) was the best, while I was always partial to Mindy Smith’s version (Jolene (Bonus Track)) because it was the first cover that I’d heard of it. (I’ve since changed my vote to the version that Miley did for her Backyard Sessions in 2012.) After watching this video about 29 times last night, it has become my new favorite version. If you like this one, you should also check out the single that Pentatonix released with Dolly Parton back in September (Jolene or video below the jump). Okay, I’m gonna stop now before this becomes Jolene overkill. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite version of Jolene?

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